Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Do Guys Look For In A Girl?

Let's assume this is Part 2 from my previous post, 'Boyfriends & Girlfriends'. =)

So the question now is what do the hottie guys out there really look for in a girl?

Hot body? Sweet smile? Her sense of humour? Size of her boobs? Those sexy legs? Oh she's so damn intelligent? Worse still, money??? I'm wondering myself too.

Most guys will say they look for a girl who is kind, honest, caring, etc. It's the beauty inside that matters, not the outside. Hmmm...is it really true? What do you guys say? But some guys readily admit that the first thing they notice about a girl is her looks, face and all. My friend once told me that the guy would look at the girl's face first, and then only checks out her physical appearance.

If the girl is some drop dead gorgeous beauty, I guess it does not really matter if she's dumb or not. They would not have to spend time talking about intelligent topics. They can just stare or make out with each other. Nah, I don't think these kinds of relationships may last long. Unless both of you have things in common then it can possibly work out.

When you walk in malls or anywhere else, you can see couples that seem to be completely in love with other. If you look closely at them, they are not potential contestants for a beauty pageant. But the boyfriend/husband is giving her his full attention, oblivious to the other sexier, more beautiful girls around him. The girl is really lucky then.

Even if you look like Miss World, it doesn't mean you will find your true love easily. In fact, it's even harder to find your one true love. These guys might only be going out with you cos you've got the looks. They are infatuated or blinded by your beauty. But if both of you genuinely love each other, then lucky you! =D

I’m a girl, not a guy. So, these are my opinions only. Do correct me if I’m wrong in any of my statements above. Thank you.

~Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.~
(Kahlil Gibran)


pinksterz said...

most of my friends said that if u r super good looking then u will get average looking guys and if u r average looking girl, u will get super drop dead gorgeous guy. i think it's kinda true through what i saw. haha. i don't know.

and a guy once told me that each guy got their own taste of perfection in the girl they are looking for. like some want his girl to have perfect nose, some want to have gorgeous eyes, some want to have those kissable lips girl and some might stare at the girl boobs or back before looking for other things.

Kamigoroshi said...

Looks matter, that's the unfortunate truth of things.

Though I take those rules and throw it out the window. But I'm a little...different that way. Best not to take my word for it. That's something you usually have to ask me personally. :)

Miss Positive said...

To pinksterz: Haha! Your friends have a very, very interesting theory! It seems to suit with the 'opposites attract' theme. And if the guy is only interested in having a great-looking girlfriend, we can't blame them actually. I believe it's natural. We humans(the male species to be exact =)) are naturally attracted to beautiful people (of the opposite or the same sex!) cos their goal is to mate and produce offspring.

Learning Bio helped me understand nature more. Like animals. Or peacocks. The male will parade his beautiful, colourful feathers so that the female will choose him. Well, humans are the same too but we don't have feathers. Guys try to look macho, don't they? =D So, that's the way they attract. As for girls, you know how.

To kamigoroshi:Oh, looks do matter no matter what. It's always the same. Guys will only go for pretty girls. Girls will only go for handsome guys. However, if a girl and a guy really know each other, then that's a different story. If it's meant to be, the connection will be there and looks are not part of it.