Friday, January 26, 2007

A Night in Front of the TV

I watched some TV tonight. I waited until it was 10.45pm and switched on the TV. I tuned into Ntv7 and watched Everybody Loves Raymond. As usual, the show was really funny and had me laughing away. They are brilliant actors and actresses.

When it was over, I switched to 8tv and watched What Women Want out of curiosity. Hah! The judges were terrible. That’s what I think. They spoke unintelligently and irritatingly. Sarimah Ibrahim was a guest judge and by far, she was the best among all the four. The other 3 ladies were pathetic.

This week, the guys had to strip down and wear only a sarong to perform their task through a jungle. They had to be in groups of two where one guy was to carry another guy throughout the journey. I saw one skinny fella trying to bear the weight of his much heavier partner. Ah! But they could not show their weakness or they will be voted out of the show.

Sham and Christian were almost voted out. Ooh! Christian is an English guy and I absolutely loved his accent! I totally drool over guys who speak with the British accent. It makes them sound so smart, so articulate, so sexy. Haha! Even if they were not hot looking, I’d still drool over them. =) The accent must not be faked. It must be authentic. A true Brit must speak it. If it’s some kampung fella who’s trying to speak like he has been in England or something, then we will know if he is faking it or not. So, it’s best not to try to be somebody else and just be yourself.

If I remember, I’ll catch this show next week again.

When I switched to TV3, (*laughs*) I watched in awe as 4 big-sized, testosterone high guys tried to smack one another down. One of them stood out from the others as he was wearing striking, bright red trunks. Haha! But, he lost in the end. I think a guy with the name Taker and another fella won. They acted so macho and all when they managed to beat the other 2 guys. This is what you get if you watch WWE International Smackdown 2006. Even young girls who looked like 12-year-olds were cheering the guys on! Sickening.

And here I am writing all this down.

Incidentally, I saw a picture/poster of Anne Hathaway in Emma’s blog. The picture was promoting a movie –> Becoming Jane. It’s about Jane Austen’s life! I hope they show this movie in cinemas here in Malaysia. It should be a nice movie to watch. Read about it here in Wikipedia.


-Princess Shin- said...

I always wanted to watch What Woman Want but i always missed it! You're right! Don't like the judges! Some of the guys are cute though! =)

Miss Positive said...

Well, don't miss it this week then! The guys are really easy on the eyes... =D