Thursday, May 3, 2007

Movie Review: Murder By Numbers

Although my 8tv last night was blurry and almost unwatchable, well, totally unwatchable, I still tried to understand the movie shown, which was Murder By Numbers starring Sandra Bullock and the hot Ryan Gosling, who acted as Hercules in Young Hercules.

I noticed Sandra Bullock’s always acting as a police or detective. She was a cop in Miss Congeniality and now she’s a crime scene investigator in Murder By Numbers. I don’t even know why the movie has such a title!

Anyway, a crime has been committed. Something has to happen or there wouldn’t be a story, right? And to make the story even more interesting, the murderers are outwitting the cops. Plus the murderers were just two high school kids. That particular part I don’t really get it. Why did those two kids murder a girl?

Richard is the cool, rich, annoying one while his partner-in-crime, Justin is a loner and social outcast. The cops did not suspect that both of them could be associated with each other since they were in different cliques in school. These two boys must have read all about crime scene investigations and learnt up all the procedures that the cops use to find clues, so they avoid making such careless mistakes.

However, one cannot be too careful. In the end, Cassie (Sandra Bullock) began to suspect something amiss and went on investigating the case even though her boss told her to drop it. As usual. The detective has something going on but the boss is always unsupportive. Gosh, how irritating can that be???

By the time the movie was over, I was still in a blur. I was also disgusted with the two boys’ ideas of murdering a girl. When they thought the police were hot on their heels, they plan to commit suicide. However, Richard is too cunning to kill himself and Justin is too smart, so he found out in the end that Richard’s gun was not loaded.

It was a horrible movie. I did not like the two boys and I did not like what they did. I think that perhaps there ARE such cases going on. Ugh, really ghastly. Richard taunted Justin to strangle the girl, saying that Justin talked a lot and never acted out his ideas. Terrible. Awful. I’m never watching this movie again, that’s for sure!

I just checked out Wikipedia and it seems that those two boys wanted to carry out the perfect murder! This movie is also loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb case, Columbine High School shootings and Dartmouth murders. How shocking! They only wanted to feel what it’s like to murder someone.

Told you right? It’s definitely gruesome.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just saying hi

My poor nephew is not well and he's here for a while. But, not to worry because he's still as naughty and mischievous as before! I love to see him walking and sometimes, running a little, though his little aren't that steady for running yet. Ah, babies are so cute!

Oh yeah, been having some stomach aches too. Ah, I hate having stomach aches! Horrible! Abominable! Simply unacceptable! It's gone anyway. =)

Well, just dropped by to post an entry otherwise you might think this blog is dead or what. And I do hope that I am accepted in USM later. Please, please, please let me go to USM. My guy will be in TAR and I want to be in Penang, too! It wouldn't be fun to be too far from him. I just got to pray and pray very hard.

Studying at USM should be fun, I think. I've been waiting for like, forever, to enter university and since my sis went to USM, I made up my mind to go there too. I just hope that I do get into any university. I'd be really lucky then.

Okay, I better take a nap before the small fella wakes up and bullies me. Bye!