Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At the Mall Again!

Gosh! It’s so freaking hot now! =p

Anyway, I went to Queensbay Mall yesterday with my boyfriend. Oh, it’s my most favourite mall of all time!!! I love Queensbay to the fullest! Hehe…

I thought we would catch a movie by redeeming free movie tickets. Queensbay’s GSC cinema was offering free tickets if we brought along and showed them the cinema listings page in The Star. Well, we did not have enough time for a movie so we skipped the plan.

We went to eat lunch at the food court. Hey, there’s even tax charges on the food there as though it’s like KFC or McDonalds! Well, I had a Fried Chicken with Black Pepper rice and ais kacang! The chicken rice was RM4.50 and the ais kacang was RM2.50. The ais kacang near my house is only RM2.00 and it tastes much more delicious than the food court’s.

After lunch, we headed to Borders bookstore. Borders is my favourite bookstore too! Haha! So many favourites. I read that Borders is supposed to be the biggest bookstore in Asia. Is it? I’m not quite sure. If it really is the biggest, then it definitely lives up to its name. It is HUGE! There are many shelves with different categories on them.

Some books were cheap. I purchased 3 books written by Diana Wynne Jones and I only paid for 2 books. It’s a promotion where you buy any 3 books that have the green stickers on them and you only pay for 2. They will give you the cheapest book free of charge.

I browsed through a shelf filled with notebooks. Wow! One simple-looking black, small notebook costs RM50++! Total madness! I wonder why the notebooks there cost arms and legs. Okay, some had creative covers but some were plain dull that you would not even want them free. Or maybe the notebooks are branded? Like one plain, white Giordano t-shirt I saw in Isetan at KLCC, which cost RM500! Ouch. The prices are ridiculously expensive. I’ll never buy such pricey things even if I were a multi-millionaire. I’m not going to be one anyway.

After Borders, we just went wandering around the mall. Not many people were there because we were quite early.

I didn’t go online last night as I was quite tired. Besides, I needed a break from the Internet. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. =)

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