Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dating At A Young Age (Too Young Sometimes!)

Nowadays, younger and younger kids are busy in the world of dating. Crushes, heartbreaks, jealousy, and even infidelity. We thought love problems only occur when we are adults, when we are more mature, etc. That’s why it’s quite preposterous that kids as young as 11 are having boyfriends or girlfriends.

Yes, girls nowadays do mature faster than girls did many years ago. So, that’s probably why they get involved with all this stuff. I don’t know about boys though.

When I was 11, 12, I only listened to my friends talk about boys. Haha! I wasn’t into the latest music too. The only groups I heard of were Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls. When my friend asked me who my favourite member of BSB was and I simply picked a guy in the picture. It happened to be Brian something. Well, most of them liked Nick Carter. He looked the most attractive among all of them but I wanted to be different so I just picked another fella without even knowing his name!

Then, when my batch entered secondary school, there was more talk about boys. Who’s cute and who’s not. Who’s nice and who’s nasty. Who went out with who, who broke up with who, etc.

Some people went for tuition to flirt, ogle at their crushes, etc. And I thought tuition was for studying. To learn more. To finally understand what they could not understand at school.

Anyway, kids in secondary school are quite old enough to know what they want. But, is it advisable for those still in primary school to date? Well, maybe they can still date but under parental supervision! I wonder who wants it.

Look at the Sweet Valley books. Jessica Wakefield is known as the twin who’s crazy for boys. 12 was the age she started dating, I guess. Which guy did she like, I don’t remember. I know that Elizabeth Wakefield was always going steady with Todd something.

In a way, the Sweet Valley books are bad influence. It depends on the reader though.

As for those young kids who are in a hurry to grow up, I hope they enjoy their childhood while there’s still time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Happy With My Uni Results!

I checked which university I got accepted into and yes!!! I got my first choice! Cool, huh? I'm awfully happy. And no more worrying if I'll ever be offered a place in university or not. All my worries are over! Well, almost over. There's still life in university that I have to think about.

Most of my friends are glad with their offers but unfortunately, there are some who aren't. For example, those who did not get the course they want or their universities are too far away! Well, who asked them to list out the far away universities? I'm not sure if they listed them or not. Maybe they were just offered some course as the course still has not enough students in it. I don't know but they can either appeal or just go on with their given course.

It's absolutely tiring and busy for me nowadays. I have to help take care of my nephew! He's so active and naughty. Oh, he's a little, tiny terror! You wouldn't believe his tricks! Haha! Mischievous little fella!

Okay, it's time to say good night!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

University Results Available Next Week!

Sorry! Us post-STPM students have been duped. Yeah, we got the news that the university results would be out yesterday. But, my friend sent an SMS and got no reply. I checked the Ministry of Higher Education website and checked but nothing concerning me. False alarm lah.....

However, it's official that the results will be known by the middle of next week. That's what they said in The Star newspaper. And we have to register at our universities on July 1, 2007. Ah, that's only 2 weeks away! Yes, I'm quite nervous actually. And I don't know which uni I'll get. I'm hoping I'll get somewhere near.

I have fears if I were to get a place. I'll miss my home, my bed, my computer, my bathroom, toilet, TV, mom, dad, family! It's also quite scary to know that I'll be sharing a dorm with a complete stranger! What if it's somebody that I cannot stand? What if she can't stand me? Appeal for another dorm?

But, I'll be happy to get a place, that's all. Gotta pray hard!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Canon A460 Has Found An Owner!

Tiring, tiring, tiring but absolutely worth it! I bought this little baby yesterday. The Canon A460. =D

It cost RM499. Quite an okay price. I was torn between this Canon A460 and the Sony DSC-S650 but after asking a lot and looking around, I decided to settle for the Canon one. So far, I’m happy with it and I’m still figuring out its one hundred and one features. Yeah, I’ve to tackle the manual, too.

Well, I asked my friend where she usually buys her cameras and she said that recently she bought hers at Queensbay Mall, either on Ground or 1st floor, she couldn’t remember. What the heck, I walked all the floors searching for good camera shops! Haha! That’s why it was a good workout for me yesterday.

Altogether I went to 4 shops that sold the Canon A460. Here they are:

· The first shop I went to was a Kodak one, which is opposite Popular. The guy was good as he explained and demonstrated the camera’s functions. He will sell the camera for RM499 and the free gifts included were 2 batteries, memory card, and camera case, if I remember correctly.

· The second was a Canon shop at Digital Bay. It was quite quiet around there as there weren’t many customers. Good. More peace and quiet to think and to talk. Anyway, the female sales assistant said the camera cost RM499, too and the free gifts are a mini tripod, a 1GB memory card, and a camera case.

· I still wasn’t satisfied so I searched for the Harvey Norman store. Here, the guy offered the camera at RM499 and the only free gift was a camera case! I crossed Harvey Norman off my list right away. But, the guy was friendly and answered my questions.

· Yesterday I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that SEC (Star Electronic) will have a sale from today until Sunday. Four days only. And they’re offering the camera for RM469 plus free memory card and mini tripod. They also mentioned ‘While stocks last’! And I only found out that the promotion only went on at 4 participating stores. So, the SEC shop near Queensbay Mall that I went to could only offer to sell the camera at RM469 without any free stuff.

The sales guy was good because he said he’ll make some phone calls to ask for more information. Then, he came back to explain it all to me. I was already in a muddle then so I said thanks very much and went back to Queensbay and analyzed all the information I gathered in my mind. Haha! I asked my friends for advice, too.

Finally, I decided to buy from Digital Bay since the girl said I’d get a tripod. A tripod could come in useful some time. Plus, there were 3 colours available and I could choose my silver one. I only realized this morning that the camera case had a very strong smell but it should go off, hopefully. And I realized that there is a small scratch on the display screen! But, never mind. It’s not that noticeable.

I’ve got a lot to learn about my new camera. With any luck, I’ll also learn to use it well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sick of Staying Home

It's an emergency! It's a crisis!

I need to go out!

I've been staying home for too long or rather indoors for far too long a time and I'll definitely go mad if I don't get out. Well, it's already a crime in my parents' eyes if I go out every week. It sucks that I have to get my parents' approval each time I want to go out. I know that they want me to be safe and not mixing with the wrong kind of people but hey, I don't take drugs and I am not promiscuous. I'm just bored of staying at home.

Anyway, I might go over to Penang and walk the floors of Queensbay Mall. Yeah, it's the best nearest mall to me now and I'll do anything to get there. My legs need some exercise. I had some exercise yesterday, cycled two rounds around the field in the drizzle.

Hmm, that's another good excuse for going out. Exercise. I really need to get those muscles working. And walking around the mall is one great way to exercise. Cheap, too, unless I buy something expensive. Like a camera, for instance.

Haha! Yeah, yeah, I'm still on the hunt for a good camera. Actually, I'm waiting for my money to be cashed into my account so I can withdraw it and go buy the stupid camera for once and for all! I'm always wishing and wanting this and that but I never get to have what I want. My family usually doesn't approve of my decisions. That is my decisions to purchase anything expensive.

Last time, when I wanted to buy a mobile phone, as usual they protested against the idea. But, it's my own money. I earned it the honest way! As a cashier. =)

Huh! I didn't take notice of what they said and just went out and bought myself a phone. I'm sick of having 'No' for answers. Can I buy a phone? No. Can I buy a camera? No. Can I work? No.

I'm going ballistic here. I love my family but they should stop being so protective of me. I can't wait for the university results to come out!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Looking Into The Night

Everybody has problems trying to see things in the middle of the night. Though some animals can see very well, the owl, for example! Well, they have to search for food so that they can live and reproduce. They’ve been given natural night vision.

For us humans, we resort to technology to help us see in the night so that we don’t keep bumping into things! Anyway, do you happen to work as a security guard? Do you need something to aid your vision if you are on duty at night?

What if you are a nature or science lover? Or you love to go camping and hiking in the dark forests? You’ll probably need to get your night vision equipment from OpticsPlanet. And I was like ‘WOW’ at the number of stuff available there! They have night vision goggles, night vision scopes, night vision riflescopes, flashlights, safety goggles and many, many more! You’ll be at a loss trying to choose the one you want. Really…..

Wait no more, people! Hurry to the site now!

*This is a sponsored post*

Monday, June 4, 2007

Which Camera Should I Go For?

Oh yeah, I'm still in the midst of finding the perfect digital camera for moi. I'm kind of torn between the Canon A460 and the Kodak C653. However, there are many good reviews for the Canon camera. Affordable and totally worth it.

When I was at Queensbay Mall, there was the Canon booth promoting its cameras. The sales guy even took a photo of me and my cousin to test the camera. Well, the picture was okay but I was still quite broke then and couldn't afford to purchase the camera on the spot. And I'm making sure that I'll finally own a camera in the near future! I'm so sick of being camera-less when I go out. Haha!

By the way, I did a search for the aforementioned cameras and landed on this useful site. Its catchy title would certainly entice you nevertheless. Digital Cameras: The Top 10 Things You Need to Know.

Canon should be a good brand, right? Well, I can't say anything YET.

I'll just continue my research. =)

I Was Away and Now I'm Back!

Oh my! I did not realize that I haven't blogged here for almost a month! Yes, I was busy. In fact, I was away visiting my grandma whom I haven't seen for years and she's unfortunately not quite well now. But, no worries as she's better and resting at home. I just hope that the maid takes good care of her and not spend too much time watching TV! That's what she did almost every night when I was there.

And I'm glad that the Internet connection got better. I haven't touched my computer for almost 16 or 17 days! When I turned it on, there was some weird motor sound coming from the CPU. Oh, I hope it's nothing serious! Haha! I'm so glad to be back. I miss my blogs!

I even bought my favourite Dunkin Donuts. I thought there wasn't a Dunkin Donuts shop in Penang but my uncle said that there was one at Gama??? Really? I'd better check it out one day.

Guess what? There was a freaking worm in my room when I was sweeping the floor. A worm! In my room of all places! Can't it go somewhere else??? disgusting. I hate worms and anything slimy. =/

All right. Just thought I'd drop by and write a post. It's like half past twelve now and I'm starting to feel sleepy. Good night!