Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are your neighbours from hell or heaven?

I just read some very interesting and amusing articles about neighbours in The Star's Weekender. If I compare my neighbours with the neighbours in the stories, I'm really thankful I didn't have to put up with weirdos. To be honest, those neighbours in the articles were scary. One even practised black magic! Imagine that was your neighbour. Hell, I'd be scared to even look at them let alone live in such close proximity.

Well, sometimes my neighbours yell or talk at the top of their voices as if they are afraid they are not heard or something. Sometimes they yell during their conversations even though the yellers are only 1 metre apart from each other. And don't forget the kids too. There's a preschool child who cries and screams when things don't go her way. Every day, she will surely cry and scream without fail. Even her older brother screams along with her. Haha!

Then, we also have a local CNN network living on my left. The old grandmother does not have much to do and she has lots of spare time. And she uses her spare time effectively. Getting news from everyone about everyone. She knows what happened yesterday at the playground, whose mom-in-law came to visit, where the odd-looking guy went, and lots more. I think she knows what happened way before the people involved knew about it. You get what I mean, right?

All in all, they are decent neighbours. Not neighbours from hell. The screaming kid is pretty friendly. The old grandma can be helpful at times. Like when it rains, she will call us so that we can rush out in time to keep the clothes hanging outside. Sometimes, she offers us rambutans or pickles.

There's good and bad in everyone. You can't have everything. You just gotta blend everything together and shake it well.

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