Saturday, January 13, 2007

Books Sold For A Song

I have a whole stack of STPM revision books that I don't think I may need anymore. So, I decided to let everyone know that I want to sell it all at half price. On the last day of my STPM exam, I managed to sell some of my books to a friend. There are original books, photocopied ones, and even trial papers from other states. I enjoy exchanging trial papers with students from different states. The more, the better. It is fun to receive thick, brown or white packages in the mail. =) Well, my exam days are over already so I can't exchange anymore. =(

Back to the main point. Another friend found a guy who wanted to buy second-hand books and mentioned me to him. He came and looked through the books. When he was done, I took the books and counted the price. Then, I told him the price. He looked at me with a wide-eyed expression. I think he thought that it was too expensive. But, hello???? He wanted around 6 books plus trial exam papers and extra notes and what did he expect?? I even reduced the price a little for him. His expression made me feel guilty after that. Did I overcharge him? I began to think.

His dad then asks how much it was. I told him. He immediately handed me a green money note and I gave him back his change. Hmph! His dad didn't look at me with big eyes or something. Some people just want everything to be unreasonably cheap, cheap, cheap. Hey, that was damn cheap man! I spent almost a fortune when I bought my STPM books. If only I was smart enough to buy second-hand books from somebody else, but I like new books. So I bought them new.

At least there is more space on my shelves now. Just need to get more buyers.

Anyway, my niece studies in a Chinese school and she was telling me about her Moral education class. She said that the teacher told them things like:

  • Don't let boys touch your bra.
  • Don't let boys go near you cos he wants to touch your bra.
  • Don't play too near to boys.
  • Don't expose your thighs.
  • Don't expose your armpit. (weird huh?)
  • Sit nicely. Don't give the boys a chance to peep inside your skirt.

It looks like the teacher was teaching them about their rights. Well, it sounds fine to let them know if anyone was trying to touch them in an inappropriate way. This must be the beginning to sex education. They should know what's right and what's wrong. Who's nice and who's not. You can't trust anyone these days. It's not easy to trust somebody in the first place.

Sex is so taboo. Parents are shy to discuss it with their kids. My dad won't even let me read Cleo a couple of years ago. He said that it was time for me to study and not to learn about sex. Haha! I don't blame him though. The cover of the magazine screamed 'I had 100 lovers!' Who would let their kid read that? Certainly not my dad or mom. I wouldn't let my kid read that too.

Something needs to be done to stop rape and injustice against women. We need to make the streets safe for everyone. The worst crime one can commit is to attack a child. It is insane! They are spoiling the child's life. Think of the child. They are innocent and they need us to take care of them. Not take advantage of them. It is just plain sick!

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