Friday, March 28, 2008

Movie Review: The Other Boleyn Girl

This might not be a good review of The Other Boleyn Girl as I don’t think I understood all the parts in the movie. I have to watch it again. I know that it’s based on Philippa Gregory’s book and it’s about King Henry VIII (Eric Bana) and his wives, etc. So, it sounds like a very interesting movie to me and it really was.

It kind of blew me away. Well, that’s exaggerating but I wonder if the story is based on the real story or not. I’ll have to check that out. (Just checked and yeah, it’s based on the real one!) But, in the movie, King Henry is portrayed as a weak man, who only wants to sleep with different women. Pity his wife, the Queen. He even had to divorce her so that he can sleep with Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman)!

All right, there are two sisters, Anne and Mary Boleyn (Scarlett Johansson). Mary is already married but then the King has taken a fancy to her and she’s supposed to live in court where he can be with her. This made Anne jealous because she’s the one who’s supposed to be the King’s mistress.

Anyway, Mary gave birth to a baby boy, something the King wants because he needs a male heir. But, at that time, he’s already fallen in love with Anne, and he just ignores Mary and her newborn son. Anne doesn’t want to give herself to him yet, until she becomes the Queen of England, which she becomes eventually.

After that, things go awry for her. She can’t bear the King a son and she starts to panic. When things become bad, she pleaded with her brother to do something for her, something which will cost him his life if it was found out.

The Other Boleyn Girl is a dramatic story/movie. Because of the Anne and Mary’s uncle and father’s greed and silliness, their lives are ruined. Ooh, I really have to read the book!

Movie Review: 27 Dresses

I watched 27 Dresses and The Other Boleyn Girl! I will review 27 Dresses now.

Katherine Heigl plays Jane, who is hopelessly in love with her boss, without him knowing about it, of course. I knew Heigl from the Roswell series and she’s absolutely beautiful and funny, so I guess 27 Dresses would be worth watching. Well, parts of it, actually. I like Judy Greer’s character, too. She’s entertaining.

Anyway, back to Jane. Jane loves weddings and she is sincere in helping brides on their wedding day. She makes sure that everything goes smoothly during the wedding so it’ll definitely be a happy day for the newly-weds.

At one wedding, a reporter, Kevin/Malcolm notices Jane leaving the wedding in a taxi and starts changing in the taxi too. Truth is, Jane is attending two weddings at the same time! It’s unbelievable at how she does it but in the end, she must be quite exhausted that she passed out at one of the weddings. That’s when she first talked to Kevin/Malcolm.

I write Kevin/Malcolm because he uses both names in the movie. He tells Jane his name is Kevin Doyle when he’s actually Malcolm Doyle. By the way, Jane hates him. But if she hates him, why would she wear all her 27 bridesmaid dresses and parade in front of him? That’s when he takes pictures of her and puts them to good use.

Oh, I forgot about Tess, Jane’s younger sister. Tess catches the eye of Jane’s boss and to Jane’s fury and agony, they plan to get married! Life for her is just falling apart. It’s quite pitiful for her since the man she loves is in love with her little sister. Well, she didn’t tell him about her feelings in the first place, so it’s not anyone’s fault except hers.

All the same, 27 Dresses is pretty worth your ticket money. Girls can enjoy drooling over James Marsden and do watch out for Jane’s friend’s role played by Judy Greer!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Movie Review: Little Man

I watched Little Man last night. I saw the preview a long time ago but just didn't watch the movie yet. It was funny, the preview. Luckily, my sis has the DVD so I popped it into the DVD player last night. Wanted to rewind you know. All assignments are done and already handed in and I really needed to relax!

Anyway, like my title, Little Man wasn't as nice and funny as White Chicks. Little Man was quite a flop for me, unfortunately, though there are some funny moments. There are some illogical parts too. In fact, the whole movie is illogical. The 'baby' is not cute at all. Okay, the baby is downright ugly. It's mind-boggling as to how the family can take the baby in. It's out of kindness. Well, they must be really, really the kindest people ever to take in such a baby!

Plus, the baby does weird stuff like sticking his tongue in the woman's mouth when she, one of his new parents' friends, kissed him goodbye. Naturally, she freaked out. Actually, this 'baby' is just trouble!

The story is that he's pretending to be a baby. He's actually a 40-year-old guy and he's just been released from jail. Then, he's out to rob a jewellery store and hid a diamond he stole into a woman's bag because that time the police were coming. After that, he had to pretend to be a little baby in her house so he can get the diamond back.

Oh, I've just installed the latest version of Windows Live Messenger version 2008. What are the special features for this version? Well, I guess there are some extra add-ons that might be useful for me like the Mail thing and the Start Writer. I have to figure out how it works later.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.