Monday, February 4, 2008

Lifehouse Is Back!

Hmmm....I wonder if their latest album, Who We Are, are in local music stores or not! No, I'm not planning to buy the pirated version. I am going to go original! Yeah! Lifehouse is a great band, in my opinion. One of the best rock bands around. Well, they are more pop rock actually. And Jason Wade is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! I sound like a teeny-bopper now, don't I? Haha! Please raise your hands and scream 'Lifehouse rocks' if you agree with me on how good-looking Wade is.

Okay, I've only downloaded their songs from the Internet and I love 'Broken'. I love the tune, especially the chorus part. And I am already familiar with 'First Time'. That's a catchy song. It sounds almost pop! I'd prefer if their songs were more like 'Hanging By A Moment', but you can't have too many songs that sound almost the same right? It would be awfully boring!

The next song that I've heard from this album is 'Whatever It Takes'. It's an okay song for me...I still prefer 'Broken'. Well, it's sad that I've only heard 3 songs from their latest album. 3 songs??? And I call myself a fan? Pathetic!

Movie Review: Click

I’ve always enjoyed Adam Sandler’s movies so I looked forward to enjoying a funny movie when I put the ‘Click’ DVD into the DVD player. Guess what happened when the movie finished? I ended up crying instead of laughing! Was that so weird or what?

I told my friend that it’s such a sad movie and he retaliated by saying, ‘It’s not sad! It’s funny and well, there are some sad parts. But that’s all!’ Anyway, I cried during the scene where Michael’s (Adam Sandler) father went into the office to talk to him but Michael just ignored him and his son completely. At that time, Michael was visiting his past via his universal remote control. At Michael’s present time, his dad has already passed on and that’s why it was quite an emotional scene for me.

Well anyway, the movie’s about Michael Newman who works way too hard and frequently ignores his family. One day, he got a universal remote control for free. Beware of free stuff, I tell ya. So, with this remote control, Michael gets to skip parts of his life that he doesn’t want to be a part of. For example, when his wife is nagging or talking to him, he’ll press ‘Mute’ on the control so he wouldn’t hear anything. Or if he doesn’t want to have dinner with his family and his parents, he just clicks ‘Fast Forward’ and he finds himself in the future already without him having to actually live through the family dinner, if you know what I mean.

Hmm…it’s kind of complicated to explain this movie but you do get the general idea right? Michael’s remote control is out of this world but it’s dangerous. He depends on his remote control until he couldn’t control his life any longer. He’s brought way too far into the future. He missed his dad’s funeral. His relationship with his wife deteriorated too, as expected.

This is a good movie for people who are like workaholics. Or if you haven’t been home to visit your parents in a while. It made me realize how precious time is. Every moment spent with my family is precious. That’s something for you to think about too.