Tuesday, January 30, 2007

9 Ways A Guy Can Make A Girl Happy

  1. Shower her with compliments. Tell her she looks pretty in that dress or she smells nice (when she’s using perfume, of course or even when she's sweating and she really smells heavenly!).
  2. Buy her presents. Give her things you know she will like. If you are broke, you can always give her something hand-made. She will surely appreciate the effort put into it. It’s the thought that counts, as the clichéd proverb goes.
  3. Pamper her when she is sick.
  4. Tell her you miss her and that you are thinking of her when both of you have not seen each other for a while. Even if it’s only for a few hours!
  5. Hold her hand firmly when you are out together. Give her your full attention. Make as though she’s the only person you see although there are 100 other people around you.
  6. Crack jokes to make her laugh.
  7. Take her to lunch/dinner at her favourite eating outlet.
  8. When you are across the room from her and both of you are talking with other people, steal glances at her. When both of you make eye contact, smile.
  9. Say sorry when both of you are in a fight and it’s also clearly your fault. If it’s hers, wait for her to apologize. If she does not make the first move, you do it. This shows you really like her!

These are merely my opinions. Girls out there, please throw in some suggestions too!

9 Ways A Girl Can Make A Guy Happy

  1. Know how to sweet talk
  2. Know how to ambil hati [steal one's heart away (am I right?)]
  3. Must be romantic
  4. Good in kissing and making out
  5. Must be patient and be able to discuss problems without making it worse
  6. Know how to pujuk the guy and must be understanding
  7. Must be hardworking
  8. Cook delicious and scrumptious food
  9. Be kind hearted and friendly

Real guys gave these reasons. And the ways are not only restricted to 9 only. I just like the number. If any guys out there would like to give your opinions too, go ahead and suggest more.

I find some of the ways very funny. Really, guys can be demanding too!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tuition - Total Waste of Time

Reading Chong Sheau Ching’s column today in StarTwo about tuition (Best Tutor in the world), got me thinking about this unnecessary trend, which is spreading among school children as young as 4 or 5 years old. Heck, even babies who are barely a year old are already sent for special classes to teach them how to read! It’s getting more ridiculous by the second.

I never attended any tuition classes and my grades did not suffer. My mom never believed in all that tuition crap. She and my dad said that tuition is only for weak students and so far, I was not considered that weak. She also preferred me to have sufficient playtime and rest time so that I’ll look forward to school the next day. Frankly, I completely enjoyed my primary years. They were so carefree days! Even though I had bad times, I never grumbled about them. I was too busy playing and making new friends.

My niece is only in Standard 2 this year and she is already attending tuition classes 3 times a week for all the subjects she is taking. I mean, hello??? This is so stupid! Well, my sis insisted on sending her so that she can improve on her Bahasa Melayu and other subjects. She is in a Chinese school so there is no doubt that there is tough competition among the students.

I think this tuition thing for primary students especially lower primary kids is totally and completely unnecessary.

Why on earth should they be robbed of their childhood?

Why should they be forced to study all the time?

The kids will behave like robots if they study 24/7. It is just sad.

Isn’t 7 or 8 hours in school enough already? It’s not like the schoolteachers are so lousy. I just don’t comprehend the mentality among people, or more specifically parents, have nowadays. When kids come back from school, they are tired already, so they need to rest. After resting, I’m sure they would want to hit the playgrounds to play with their friends. When they are done playing, they have to come home and wash up and have dinner. After dinner, it’s time for homework. After homework, they can watch TV, read a storybook or hit the sack.

Imagine how tight a kid’s schedule would be if she/he attended tuition classes? They would be rushing like mad to reach the tuition center in time. Some students don’t for tuition to learn. Instead they go there to flirt with the opposite sex. This will happen when the child hits puberty.

If they are already studying more than they need to at a young age, they will eventually get bored or sick of studying when they are older or when they reach the secondary school years.

Yes, I know that parents are busy working nowadays. It’s just too bad and cannot be helped. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t take some time off from work and spend some quality time with their kids. Their kids would appreciate it very much. Think of your children. It’s not enough to buy them expensive things all the time. All they want from you is your time. They want you to pay attention to them. To listen to them.

The best things in life are free.

There is no need to spend money on tuition. You can coach your child yourself. There is no need for materialistic stuff. They only want your time.

Bad Case of Trichotillomania

I used to have a mild case of trichotillomania. If you are not familiar with this term, it is a disorder, which involves the pulling of hair. The hair can be from the scalp, eyelash, eyebrows or other parts of the body. I only pull hair from the aforementioned places. It may sound funny but believe me, it’s not. It’s a difficult habit to stop once you have started it.

I don’t know what made me start pulling my eyelashes when I was around 11 years old. Maybe I did it out of sheer boredom. I pull when I feel very bored and lazy to do anything else. There was also this feeling of satisfaction whenever I pulled out a hair with the root and all. It was an utterly bad habit and it still has not stopped.

If it were not eyelashes, then I’d be pulling out my eyebrows or hair. Once when I was playing with my hair, my mom got irritated and told me to stop touching my hair. I’d stop immediately as I did not want further nagging. But when everybody is out of sight, I’d start again.

Hmph. If only there was a magical cure. No matter how many times my guy told me to stop pulling my hair, I still would not stop. I do try, honestly, I tried. But I’m kind of addicted to this horrible habit.

If only there was a way to stop. I won’t pull when my hands are not near my head so I always try to keep my hands down. Sometimes without success, unfortunately. =(

Nevertheless, I'm normal like everybody else. I have a life too besides hair-pulling. I am unique. Like you.

Here is somewhere for you to hop to if you want to know more about this weird disorder:


Sunday, January 28, 2007

What is Feed-Burning???

What in the world does feed burning means? I’ve read and tried to understand but I can’t grasp the whole concept of burning feeds. Then, why do we need to burn feeds each time we update? It’s all so horribly confusing. I think I need to read it up about 100 times then only I can really understand the whole thing. Or is there any kind soul who would care to explain it all to me? If nobody’s willing, it’s fine by me. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Merry MobileSoftMarket

When I look for ring tones, wallpaper or games, I usually searched the newspapers and magazines for the cheapest deal. At times, I also surf the Internet for such things and one place to look at is MobileSoftMarket. It’s a neat site with lots of things to offer.

What they have there are productivity tools, Ebooks, desktop tools, games, wallpapers, videos and more great stuff. If you are a Sudoku maniac, there is the Sudoku Expert – Standard Edition – for Blackberry.

Can’t get enough of Pride & Prejudice? Well, there’s an Ebook of this classic for Blackberry.

You will also get a 15% discount off on all products at this shop. All you need to do is enter the discount code, which is “ONGKAE” at the end of the purchase process.

Have fun everyone! =)

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Friday, January 26, 2007

New Movies!!!

Hey, I saw this fantastic page on Wikipedia where they listed out numerous movies that are going to be released this year. Check it out and mark down the dates in your calendar or diary to make an appointment or two with the cinema!

2007 in film

A Night in Front of the TV

I watched some TV tonight. I waited until it was 10.45pm and switched on the TV. I tuned into Ntv7 and watched Everybody Loves Raymond. As usual, the show was really funny and had me laughing away. They are brilliant actors and actresses.

When it was over, I switched to 8tv and watched What Women Want out of curiosity. Hah! The judges were terrible. That’s what I think. They spoke unintelligently and irritatingly. Sarimah Ibrahim was a guest judge and by far, she was the best among all the four. The other 3 ladies were pathetic.

This week, the guys had to strip down and wear only a sarong to perform their task through a jungle. They had to be in groups of two where one guy was to carry another guy throughout the journey. I saw one skinny fella trying to bear the weight of his much heavier partner. Ah! But they could not show their weakness or they will be voted out of the show.

Sham and Christian were almost voted out. Ooh! Christian is an English guy and I absolutely loved his accent! I totally drool over guys who speak with the British accent. It makes them sound so smart, so articulate, so sexy. Haha! Even if they were not hot looking, I’d still drool over them. =) The accent must not be faked. It must be authentic. A true Brit must speak it. If it’s some kampung fella who’s trying to speak like he has been in England or something, then we will know if he is faking it or not. So, it’s best not to try to be somebody else and just be yourself.

If I remember, I’ll catch this show next week again.

When I switched to TV3, (*laughs*) I watched in awe as 4 big-sized, testosterone high guys tried to smack one another down. One of them stood out from the others as he was wearing striking, bright red trunks. Haha! But, he lost in the end. I think a guy with the name Taker and another fella won. They acted so macho and all when they managed to beat the other 2 guys. This is what you get if you watch WWE International Smackdown 2006. Even young girls who looked like 12-year-olds were cheering the guys on! Sickening.

And here I am writing all this down.

Incidentally, I saw a picture/poster of Anne Hathaway in Emma’s blog. The picture was promoting a movie –> Becoming Jane. It’s about Jane Austen’s life! I hope they show this movie in cinemas here in Malaysia. It should be a nice movie to watch. Read about it here in Wikipedia.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What Sign is my True Love?

Your True Love Is a Cancer
Why you'll love a Cancer:
Cancer's loyal and sincere heart makes your own sensitive heart melt.Caring and devoted, a Cancer will take the lead in pursuing you - and not give up!
Why a Cancer will love you:
You're laid back enough to deal with Cancer's little mood swings and freak-outs.A fellow homebody, you know how to make Cancer comfortable and at home with you.

Wow! I certainly, truly, completely did not expect this answer! My boyfriend is a Cancer!!! Ah!!!! What a total coincidence.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Analytic and Sequential Learning

I received this in my e-mail today. As I read along, I began to think I'm kind of an analytic learner. Let's go over the characteristics, shall we?

An analytic person likes to learn things step-by-step, or sequentially.

Sound familiar? If so, look over these characteristics to find out if these traits hit home, as well. Then you may want to capitalize on the study recommendations and improve your study skills.

Are You a Sequential Learner?

  • A analytic or sequential learner may be more likely to respond to a problem with logic first, instead of emotion.

Logic? I approach a problem with curiosity to see if I can answer it or not.

  • If you’re a sequential learner, you may feel the need to understand each part of an algebra equation.

Yup, that's me. I read through the whole question and put brackets or underline each question/task.

  • You may be good with time management, and you probably get to school on time.

No, this does not describe me. When I got the chance to drive to school by myself, I was late. The punishment was collecting rubbish. Got the chance to talk to a cute boy though. =)

  • You tend to remember names.


  • Your notes may be divided and labeled. You categorize things a lot.

My notes are definitely not divided. I write everything in one book.

  • You plan ahead.

Yes. I plan ahead.


  • You may get hung up on details when reading.
  • You have to understand something before you move on.
    You might get frustrated easily with people who don’t understand things as quickly as you do. (so true!)

Analytic Style Study Tips

Do you become frustrated when people assert opinions as facts? People who are very analytic learners might. Analytic learners like facts and they like learning things in sequential steps.

They are also fortunate, because many of their preferred methods are used in traditional teaching. Teachers also enjoy giving tests that favor analytic learners, like true and false or multiple choice exams.

Since your learning style is compatible with traditional teaching styles and you enjoy order, your biggest problem is getting frustrated.

An analytic learner may benefit from the following:

  • Ask for clear rules. You need clarity. Without rules, you might feel lost. (I kinda like rules. Without rules, there will be no order.)
  • Don’t get frustrated by opinions. Some students may offer opinions in class, especially the holistic learners who want to make comparisons! It is just their way of understanding, so don’t let it bother you.
  • Don’t worry about not finishing a task. You may not want to move on to a new task if something (like a lack of supplies) interferes with your work. Try not to get hung up. Sometimes it’s okay to move on and re-visit a project later.
  • Don’t worry if things don’t seem logical. We don’t make the rules sometimes. If you come across a rule that doesn’t make sense, don’t let it bother you to distraction.
  • Group your information. Analytic learners are good at categorizing information. Go ahead and place your information into categories. It will help you recall the information when you need it.
  • Sit in the front of the class, to avoid distractions. If you’re annoyed by rowdy or talkative students in the back of the class, try to sit where you won’t notice them. (I'll be so lonely if I sat in front. All my friends either sat in the middle or in the back. I like to sit in the back too. I really loved my place at the back of the classroom for the past 2 years. Very windy.)
  • Don’t worry about big concepts right away—give yourself time. If you’re reading a book or chapter and you don’t seem to be “getting the message,” give it time. You may need to know all the details first, and then put them together.
  • Take things step-by-step, but don’t get hung up. If you’re doing a math problem with an equation, don’t get hung up if you don’t understand a certain step. Take a leap of faith!
  • Ask for specific goal. Analytic learners may feel the need to understand the specific goal before they can get into a project. Go ahead and ask for clear goals if you need them.

Hope you discovered something about yourself! Enjoy learning!

Source: Analytic and Sequential Learning

At the Mall Again!

Gosh! It’s so freaking hot now! =p

Anyway, I went to Queensbay Mall yesterday with my boyfriend. Oh, it’s my most favourite mall of all time!!! I love Queensbay to the fullest! Hehe…

I thought we would catch a movie by redeeming free movie tickets. Queensbay’s GSC cinema was offering free tickets if we brought along and showed them the cinema listings page in The Star. Well, we did not have enough time for a movie so we skipped the plan.

We went to eat lunch at the food court. Hey, there’s even tax charges on the food there as though it’s like KFC or McDonalds! Well, I had a Fried Chicken with Black Pepper rice and ais kacang! The chicken rice was RM4.50 and the ais kacang was RM2.50. The ais kacang near my house is only RM2.00 and it tastes much more delicious than the food court’s.

After lunch, we headed to Borders bookstore. Borders is my favourite bookstore too! Haha! So many favourites. I read that Borders is supposed to be the biggest bookstore in Asia. Is it? I’m not quite sure. If it really is the biggest, then it definitely lives up to its name. It is HUGE! There are many shelves with different categories on them.

Some books were cheap. I purchased 3 books written by Diana Wynne Jones and I only paid for 2 books. It’s a promotion where you buy any 3 books that have the green stickers on them and you only pay for 2. They will give you the cheapest book free of charge.

I browsed through a shelf filled with notebooks. Wow! One simple-looking black, small notebook costs RM50++! Total madness! I wonder why the notebooks there cost arms and legs. Okay, some had creative covers but some were plain dull that you would not even want them free. Or maybe the notebooks are branded? Like one plain, white Giordano t-shirt I saw in Isetan at KLCC, which cost RM500! Ouch. The prices are ridiculously expensive. I’ll never buy such pricey things even if I were a multi-millionaire. I’m not going to be one anyway.

After Borders, we just went wandering around the mall. Not many people were there because we were quite early.

I didn’t go online last night as I was quite tired. Besides, I needed a break from the Internet. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. =)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Busy With Blogsvertise

I’ve only started blogging recently and to tell you the truth, I simply love it! It’s so easy and fast to blog and what I love most is the readers who come to visit.

Besides blogging, I enjoy reading what other people have to say in their blogs too. There are very talented writers out there in the blogging community and therefore, what they write grabs my attention immediately.

Bloggers who love to blog also have the opportunity to earn some side income. They can earn some cold, hard cash from Blogsvertise. Blogsvertise brings benefits to both bloggers and advertisers alike.

If you have a blog and you absolutely love blogging whenever and wherever you are, don’t give this a miss! You could be getting something back from what you’ve been giving in your blogs.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comfort Food?

randomness...feed your mind and your blog
week of Jan 21: What's Your Favorite Comfort Food?till next time...

My answer: Chocolates!

An Afternoon At The Mall

My mom wanted to go shopping with me today. So, we went.

Boy, was the shopping mall crowded!!! Then, I realized that it was a Sunday and since everybody had nothing better to do on Sunday, they decided to hit the mall too. Car parks were full and there was hardly any space to walk in the mall.

My mom wanted to look at shoes. I looked at shoes too and spotted a gorgeous pair of black heels. I tried it on and I went, ‘Damn! It looked so good on me!’ But I’m quite broke and could not afford to buy it. Moreover, I bought a new pair of shoes only last month. My mom would not buy for me too as I spent quite a lot on clothes for last year’s Christmas already. =(

When I got bored of all the shoes there, I just stood around and studied the people in the vicinity.

Well, the promoters consisted mostly of teenagers, probably students who had finished their SPM or STPM. Many of them were guys anyway. Some were cute. Some were pitiful.

Then there was this middle-aged man talking to another woman in a loud voice and gesturing wildly with his hands. They were standing near a shoe display. Therefore, nobody could go look at the shoes there because these two were dominating the area. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they could not care less for the other shoppers.

There were quite a number of grandpas and grandmas too. I guess their children brought them shopping. They looked bored anyway.

Many girls love to wear halter necks with plunging necklines, barebacked blouses, micro-mini shorts and other eye-popping clothes. They think they look like supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss or even the girls from S.H.E.. Some look good in what they wear, as their skin is nice and smooth but some………...ah, it’s an eyesore. If your back is full of red ugly spots, oh please, spare us from the awful view. Either you clean up your back or don’t wear backless tops anymore! Do you think you are going to attract guys with that spotty back?

Besides that, I spotted an obese-looking small girl picking her nose. Haha! I guess this is almost a normal view already.

Then, there was this 30-something Chinese lady who seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere. I bumped into her accidentally and it was not a really violent bump. She only made a sound to show she was tremendously irritated and did not bother to say sorry. I looked at her and said sorry loudly but she just walked away. How rude! These people should brush up on their manners.

What else did I see? Okay, some promoters can be so blur. I asked a tall guy promoter where could I pay for some cards that I wanted to buy. He looked at me for a while then he slowly pointed to a direction. I asked, ‘There?’ He just nodded in a bored way. Definitely an F in people skills.

We went to Popular, too. When we chose the books that we wanted to buy, I queued up to pay for them at the counter. There were 2 Chinese girls standing in front of me. I assume that they are sisters and their father was standing near them.

They were talking loudly in broken English. Okay, it’s good that they are speaking the language. Good for them. But sometimes when some people speak English loudly and their English is damn broken, I feel like they are somewhat trying to show off. The main language here is Mandarin or Malay, so English is not common. When someone speaks English, people go like, ‘Wow! Pandai speaking la…’ I guess this is the reaction some people expect if they speak English.

I was typing a message on my handphone and their dad was, like, looking at what I was typing. I eyed him sideways and he turned away. What a Kay po chi! (kay po chi = busybody)

The mall is a place to see all kinds of people. If you want to spice up your day, head off to the mall.

Review: Sebuah Ijtihad

I wanted to blog this post last night but was too chicken to stay up by myself. I went to hide in my room instead and read a book. =)

There was a Malay movie on TV3 last night, ‘Sebuah Ijtihad’ starring Sofia Jane. I don’t usually watch modern Malay movies, only P. Ramlee ones. However, last night’s movie was interesting right from the beginning. Let me tell you all about it in case you haven’t watched.

Ida is a hardworking woman with a son and a good-for-nothing husband. (We only knew he was useless at the end of the show.) She sells beauty products and cosmetics. One night, before leaving for Johor, her house was swarmed with lots of policemen. I don’t know why but all of a sudden, she started rummaging and emptying her bag. Finally, she brought out a plastic packet full of white stuff in it. It’s supposed to be heroine and she had no idea how it got into her bag. Therefore, she was caught, charged, and thrown into jail.

In jail, she was forced to share a cell with 2 other women, Cat and Zek or Zack, I’m not sure of the second woman’s name. Initially, they were on very bad terms with one another. They fought, wrestled, and hated each other. The way Cat and Zack (I’ll use this spelling) behave with each other made me suspect that they are lesbians. But that’s not the point.

Anyway, one day, Ida was thrown into the isolation cell, caught a fever, and returned to her cell with the other two women. From then on, somehow they made an agreement not to mess with each other and became friends.

Zack is in jail because she hit her husband many, many times. He did not die but she wished that he had. If he’d died, she would be in prison for life.

Cat, on the other hand, managed to kill her husband. She said that he brought home 5 to 10 men each night to sleep with her. I’m not each night or only one night. She loved and cared for her husband immensely but he treated her like scum. She is jailed for life.

Luckily for Ida, a lady lawyer is willing to handle her case for free, pro bono style. She is determined to free Ida from the drug charges. There was 2kg worth of drugs in her bag and the mandatory punishment is death by hanging.

When all seemed to fail and everything looks bleak, something else happened. The lawyer noticed a change in Ida’s husband. He wore stylish clothes, had a new cell phone, and was driving with another woman in his new car. He told the lawyer that he’s working as a salesman and thus could afford to buy new things.

I think the lawyer arranged for some photographers to trail and take pictures of Ida’s husband. True enough, he was already going out with another woman. He took her shopping, spent a lot, and touched her a lot. The photographers took lots of pictures of them.

In the end, the husband and the woman were caught one night. The police opened the back of the van and opened up a brown box. There were drugs in it. He was then charged for drug possession.

Ida was set free and promised Cat that she would visit her every month, on Hari Raya and Hari Raya Haji. Zack was released earlier.

And we’ve come to the end of the story. =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Do You Do When You Are Online?

All right…I’ve been visiting blogs of all kinds for the past hour. Yeah, I went to the really famous ones too like 5x Mom, XiaXue and the like. Many people must be asking them all the time questions like, ‘Why is your blog so popular???’ or ‘How come your blog is so popular? Mind sharing some tips please?’ Why this, why that, how this, how that, blah, blah, blah.

These blogs and others write about everything and anything. Duh, that’s what they are supposed to do in order to attract readers of different interests. I got bored after some blogs because what they wrote did not interest me at all or the font was too small and difficult to read. Some blogs are just plain BORING! No offense. I’m guessing there are people who think my blog is boring. Oh well, that’s too bad then.

I told my mom about Singaporean blogger, XiaXue and her popularity. I showed my mom her blog too. Her first remark was, ‘Oh, no wonder.’ Then, she continued, ‘Her visitors must be young men who plan to try to marry her.’ Haha! My mom is quite a conservative person and modern world and culture shock her at times.

So, are young guys out there look for young and pretty female bloggers? It’s possible. In fact, it might be wholly true. I read in the newspapers that on MySpace, guys go there to flirt while girls go there to catch up with long-lost friends. See the difference? It must be natural for guys to flirt all the time.

When I first joined the IRC community of online chatting a few years back and if my nickname indicated I was female, I had numerous guys starting conversations with me. As usual, the first thing they ask is ‘asl?’ (Age, sex, location) The next thing they’ll ask is, ‘Are you open-minded?’ Ugh. Then I know that they are looking for partners to indulge in cyber sex or sex talk. I usually leave them.

Now that there’s the Internet, nobody needs to have face-to-face talks about sex, as most people are shy when it comes to this subject. They can just go online and talk sex with anyone.

Once, my friend and I went to a cyber café to go online. There are private booths in cyber cafes don’t they? Well, there was a bespectacled guy in the booth next to my friend’s. She told me she saw him grab his balls! Hard! Haha! It was funny when she told me about it. I was sitting opposite her and I could see his face but at that time, I didn’t know what he was doing. His was fixed on the computer screen that’s all. You can already guess what he’s looking at.

Well, different people, different interest online. Enough said.

Online dating

I read in the newspapers yesterday that more and more young, attractive, and professional women are finding it difficult to get hitched with the perfect guy. According to what I read, it seems that 50% men who have the complete package are already married. 30% are gay. 10% are jerks. So there are only a pathetic 10% of good guys left for women out there.

Besides that, free dating services are also becoming more popular nowadays to help single and available people find their true love. JustSayHi.com is a free and effective online dating service offered for these lonely hearts.

If you’re looking for that special someone and still haven’t found yet, just drop in at the site and take a look around. When you are ready to get started, all you need to do is fill in your particulars at the site, describe a little something about yourself and wait for Mr./Ms Right to contact you!

Have a good time getting to know new people!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Kissing: Part Two

I wish to continue from my previous post. Assume this is part 2 of my kissing post. =)

The website, which I went to suggested that we girls should dress right, smile, be friendly, and flirt in order to get a kiss. Am I right? Well, in my honest opinion, if we girls did all those things, I highly doubt that the boy would kiss us right away unless he was our boyfriend. We are not that straightforward in Malaysia. Heck, kissing in public is already against the law! Even if it’s only a small peck on the cheek given by a husband to his wife. It’s a different story if a couple was lip locking passionately in public. They should seriously get a room. Not a good view.

However, kissing can’t be all that wonderful since there is a kissing disease called mononucleosis.

Mononucleosis or mono can be spread through kissing because saliva is shared between the kissers. If you kiss someone who is infected with this disease, chances are you’ll get it too. When you get it, the symptoms are no different from flu symptoms so you will think you have caught the flu. If someone else sneezed or coughed and somehow their saliva flew over to you, you might get it too. The main point is: don’t try to get saliva from a mono infected person. No sharing straws or forks, spoons, etc.

When someone has mononucleosis, he or she will feel very tired; have fever, sore throat, no appetite, headaches, and swollen glands, skin rash, and abdominal pain. Hey, these symptoms are like those we have when we are ill with normal illnesses like flu or an allergy to something. Who would have thought that all this is have something to do with a kissing disease??? I’ve never heard of mononucleosis until now.

Great, there is NO cure for this disease. Nevertheless, it will go away by itself if you take extra good care of yourself when you were sick. A virus causes mono and you’ll get better in 3 to 4 weeks. No school, no sports, no vigorous physical activities, and yes, definitely NO kissing!

However, don’t give up kissing just because of this disease. Just take good care of your health. Remember to brush your teeth, chew some gum, eat an apple, take extreme good care of your personal hygiene, then it should not be a problem. See a doctor if you feel you have this disease.

Anyway, wanna find out if you are a good kisser? Take this test and check your results. I found out all the information above from Teenshealth.

All about kissing

How does a kiss really work? When was the last time you kissed someone be it your mom, dad, sis, bro, boyfriend, nephew, niece or anybody? Why do you kiss in the first place? To show how much you love them? To show affection? Is it their birthday or your anniversary? Or just for the fun of it?

A kiss is simple yet it conveys a thousand meanings. But before you kiss, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and make sure your mouth doesn’t stink of anything. Oh yeah, it is horrible to have someone smelly kiss you. You do want to leave a lasting impression, don’t you?

Okay, I just realized it. We are not allowed to kiss in public! So what am I doing by writing a post on kissing??? Never mind. It’s for your own good and also for the sake of the people you are kissing. =)

I typed in ‘kissing’ in Yahoo’s search engine and clicked on the first link. Here’s what I’ve found out.

  • Eat an apple before kissing somebody. It helps to freshen your breath.
  • To get a boy to kiss you, you have to dress well, smile and be friendly, and flirt. (Boys can be shy. So I don’t think he’ll kiss you immediately though. Maybe after a few months!)
  • If you want to learn about French kissing, there are a couple of diagrams showing what happens during a French kiss.

This kissing website is full of ways to try to get its visitors to buy their DVD on kissing so I left it and went to another website.

Last year, when I was simply going through my friend’s pocket dictionary for fun, I came across one interesting word. Osculation. Osculation is kissing! It is the scientific word for kissing. Cool, huh? So, my friend and I tried to sound articulate by using this new word we learnt.

I am osculating.
I would like to osculate you.

Then, we stopped because we realized we had to study. =D

Wikipedia is a real fine online encyclopedia. Everything is in it! You can find out everything you want in the world in this website. Okay, I’m exaggerating but to me, it’s almost true.

Here are the websites that I’ve visited:

I hope I don’t get ban or anything just for writing about kissing. I’m not using the F word or anything so hopefully, I won’t get ban. Kissing is so nice! I just want to share it that’s all. It’s really sweet to see old couples kissing even if it’s just a peck and holding hands while crossing the road. This shows that even when they are old, they still care to show affection for each other. Don’t you wish you’re like that when you’re old with your loved one? =)

~Kisses are like tears, the only real ones are the ones you can't hold back.~ (Author Unknown)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What I Did Today

I have absolutely neither idea nor the inspiration to write anything relatively interesting right now. My mind is almost a complete blank. =/ I’ll just write about what I did today okay? Okay.

Well, what did I do?

  • Woke up. Attempted to fry scrambled eggs in a small cooking pot usually used for cooking Maggi Mee. The eggs and bread were delicious though. The pot was difficult to wash.
  • Put my nephew to sleep.
  • Went to the bank to rob it. Hehe…just kidding.
  • Came back. Went online for a while. Couldn’t surf the Net peacefully cos my nephew woke up and tried to bang his little fingers on the keyboard.
  • Gave up and went offline. Took a short nap.
  • Woke up and had lunch. Watched Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah. I’m not really a big fan of the show. I’m only curious about how it will end.
  • Went online again. Little nephew woke up so I had to go offline again. Haha!
  • Read the newspapers.
  • Played with nephew.
  • Took a nap again.
  • Had tea.
  • Watched television.
  • Washed up.
  • Had dinner.
  • Folded clothes.
  • Looked up for scholarships.
  • Went online.
  • Helped my low-tech boyfriend log on to MSN. Yeah, he’s that low-tech. Haha!
  • Wrote this post!

How To Be Happy?

I came across this while I was surfing the Internet. Check this out.

How To Be Happy

I hope the tips given will help you to feel happy even though you are feeling the worst. Not exactly happy, but at least feel a little bit happier of yourself.

~Be happy. It's one way of being wise.~
- Colette

Review: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

I know this is quite an old movie that was released in 2003 but I only watched it last night on TV2. So, I'll write about it then.

Legally Blonde 1 was funnier than Legally Blonde 2. Both movies star Reese Witherspoon as the bimboish blonde, Elle Woods. In the first movie, her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Warner, dumped her because he thought she was not smart enough to be his girlfriend. In the second movie, Elle is already a successful lawyer. Successful? I think so. I'm not sure how to describe her.

By the way, Elle is going to get married to Emmett Richmond, another lawyer cum lecturer at Harvard. She wants to invite everybody who is important to her in her life. Guess who else is important too? Her pet dog, Bruiser's parents.

Elle found him when he was a homeless dog wandering in the streets so he does not know whom his parents are. He was a beggar. He even wore the bling-bling dollar sign metal chain (must be some pimp, I guess).

Elle wishes to submit Bruiser’s Bill, which fights for the rights of animals. Elle hired a prominent investigator to search for Bruiser’s parents. He reported to Elle that Bruiser’s mom is in a Versace building. She thought it was the clothing line but actually, it’s a place where make-up is tested on animals so that it will be safe for people to use.

Since Bruiser’s mom is there and since she’s an animal lover too, Elle decided to change the law. As usual, she encounters a few mean people who want to stop her from succeeding. But she’s confident and enthusiastic. She doesn’t give up just like in the first movie. That’s how she became a lawyer.

In Washington, she made new friends too. One of them is a doorman, Sid. He helps her a lot, too to make Bruiser’s Bill accepted. Then, there are also her new colleagues who were unfriendly to her initially but in the end warms up to her.

That’s all I guess for this movie. I still prefer Legally Blonde, the first movie. =)

Review: Night At The Museum

I went to watch 'Night At The Museum' starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke and Robin Williams yesterday afternoon. I've always liked Ben Stiller movies cos he's a really funny guy and actor. Meet The Parents 1 & 2 had me laughing till my sides hurt. Well, this museum movie was somewhat okay too.

Hmm...I don't really know how to review this movie as it did not have a lasting inpression on me. Not really funny but not boring either. It was okay like I said.

I liked the part where Larry (Ben Stiller) and the supposedly generous little monkey, Dexter, were continually slapping each other! That and all the other scenes with Owen Wilson in them. Owen Wilson is also another talented and funny actor. He's very suitable for comedy movies. He has the comical face suitable for comedy movies. Ahhh....I'm getting boring. It's okay. I'll continue to bore you.

Sacajawea is so pretty! Her picture is on the top right. The actress is Mizuo Peck. She must be new cos I've never seen her before. Oh, I just searched her out on the IMDb website and read her filmography. She's acted on several shows before, none that I've watched though.

Robin Williams' character, Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States is in love with Sacajawea. He just kept staring and gazing at her but never dared to approach her to say hello or anything.

I also liked to hear Attila the Hun's language too. Attila loves to rip his victims' limbs apart. Weird. I gotta read up on Attila the Hun's history. I have always thought he was some kind of barbarian.

My next post will be about Legally Blonde 2.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What Do Guys Look For In A Girl?

Let's assume this is Part 2 from my previous post, 'Boyfriends & Girlfriends'. =)

So the question now is what do the hottie guys out there really look for in a girl?

Hot body? Sweet smile? Her sense of humour? Size of her boobs? Those sexy legs? Oh she's so damn intelligent? Worse still, money??? I'm wondering myself too.

Most guys will say they look for a girl who is kind, honest, caring, etc. It's the beauty inside that matters, not the outside. Hmmm...is it really true? What do you guys say? But some guys readily admit that the first thing they notice about a girl is her looks, face and all. My friend once told me that the guy would look at the girl's face first, and then only checks out her physical appearance.

If the girl is some drop dead gorgeous beauty, I guess it does not really matter if she's dumb or not. They would not have to spend time talking about intelligent topics. They can just stare or make out with each other. Nah, I don't think these kinds of relationships may last long. Unless both of you have things in common then it can possibly work out.

When you walk in malls or anywhere else, you can see couples that seem to be completely in love with other. If you look closely at them, they are not potential contestants for a beauty pageant. But the boyfriend/husband is giving her his full attention, oblivious to the other sexier, more beautiful girls around him. The girl is really lucky then.

Even if you look like Miss World, it doesn't mean you will find your true love easily. In fact, it's even harder to find your one true love. These guys might only be going out with you cos you've got the looks. They are infatuated or blinded by your beauty. But if both of you genuinely love each other, then lucky you! =D

I’m a girl, not a guy. So, these are my opinions only. Do correct me if I’m wrong in any of my statements above. Thank you.

~Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.~
(Kahlil Gibran)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Boyfriends & Girlfriends

2 years ago, if I ever saw a couple walking past, holding hands ever so tightly, looking at each other in a sickening lovey-dovey way, I'd almost throw up. =D Like I said, almost. Haha! Why? Cos I was a single and independent young lady, that's why. I didn't know why couples are like that. I didn't understand in the first place. Until I joined the club.

I knew my guy since we were kids. Around 7. We attended Sunday school together. Well, not exactly together. We were in the same class that's all and we barely talked.

Fast forward many years later. We only started to know each other better when we were 17. Guess the sparks flew then. =)

What's it like having a boyfriend? Does it feel like walking on air? Do you feel happy, joyful and dreamy all the time? Do you always think of him no matter what you are doing at the moment?

Different people may have different answers.

There are other questions that people in relationships may ask themselves too. Like: Does he really love me? Does he mean it when he says I Love You? What if he liked someone else? Was he staring at that girl? Does he think of other girls?

You may think that life is easier when you are in a relationship. Truthfully, things get more complicated. It seems beautiful in the beginning, all bed of roses and everything. Once you get to know each other better, it either gets better or worse. Both of you need to communicate, that's the most important thing in a relationship. Communication. Without it, nothing will ever work out between the both of you.

Talk to each other. Tell them what you like about them. Tell them what you don't like about them. Don't suffer in silence and expect your other half to know what's wrong with you. Guys can be so blur at times. Sorry, guys..... =/ You need to tell him! And I'm sure they would want you to tell them if anything was wrong too. They'll appreciate it.

Spend time with each other and get to know each other. I'm stressing on communication here.

Giving each other space to do what you and he want to do is also advisable. You can't be together all the time. You might get sick of each other. =D In fact, both of you will miss each other's company and when both of you are together again, it'll be lovely.

Anyway, I'm sure there are other aspects to consider in a successful relationship too. I can't think of others now. If you have anything to add in, feel free to share with others.

Now, I don't almost throw up when I see other couples. I even smile when I see couples sedang berdating (dating) at the field in front of my home. I don't spy on them though!

Good night everybody.

~Make love, not war~

What Course Do I Go To???

The STPM results may come around March right? I'm only guessing but usually, all exam results will be released around that time. Ahh....I hope I don't fail anything! *crosses fingers*

Now, since I'm so free, I scour the newspapers every day to see if I happen to spot a course that I would like to study. Since I was in the Science stream, it makes sense for me to continue studying something in the Science field. The thing is: will my Science subjects' results be good? I truly doubt I'll get a fairly good score in Chemistry. I only hope to pass that dreadful subject. =D

I am certainly not interested in cutting up more rats. The rat dissection was disgusting at the thought of it. I salute everyone who managed to cut up their rat and explored the insides. When the teacher was briefing us about it, I thought I couldn't do it. I made up my mind to let my partner do everything! Haha! Yeah, I felt really freaked out. Finally, it was time to make the rats go to sleep.

A Muslim classmate said a prayer for them too, at the teacher's request.Then, we had to pick a rat. I looked into the bin at the pile of sleeping, drugged rats. I gingerly put my hand in the bin and took one by its tail. My hand was literally shaking but I did it. I held the rat into the lab and dunked it into some liquid, I don't know what liquid it was, and took it to my table where my partner and I laid out the rat into the required position.

After that, the cutting up began. It was supposed to be smelly but I didn't put on any mask. Not that smelly after all.

So, what do I learn next? Which university should I apply to? I was thinking of learning English or going into Mass Communications. Maybe something like Journalism or Broadcasting. Too bad I can't learn everything at once. A little bit of science, a little bit of English.

How is Pharmacy like? I gotta get more information on this.

I like Math too. But I'm not interested in problem solving kind of questions. I hate Vector. I like Paper 1 of Math T. My favourites were Integration, Differentiation, Matrices, Numbers and Sets, and maybe Probability. You need time to do Math. Well, to me, I need time. What kind of job needs Math? Engineering?

Okay. I'll go back to deciding the RIGHT course, which I'll have a lot of INTEREST in.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Superhot Tips for Studying Specially for STPM Students

My STPM or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia exam was last year and boy, did I wish that I had studied my butt off! I did study but it definitely was not enough cos I had to tembak (shoot or in my case, a slang for guessing answers) my answers during the test. I sat for 4 subjects and they are Pengajian Am or PA (General Studies), Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics T. I like Bio and Math but I detest Chemistry. PA was all right. Quite simple and we had to know how to draw different kinds of graphs.

I'm feeling generous right now, so I'll share with you some tips on how to cope with these 4 subjects. The tips could work for other subjects too. We'll start with my favourite, i.e. Math.


  • Practise every single day. Even if it is only for 15 minutes or you can do at least 5 questions a day.
  • Pay attention in class. Listen to your teacher while he/she is explaining. Copy down the examples the teacher writes on the board. They will come in handy when you are doing your homework cos you'll need them to refer to. Don't talk too much to your friends during Math class too.
  • If you don't know how to solve a problem, ask a friend who's a whiz in Math or better still, ask your teacher. If your teacher doesn't know how to solve, find another Math teacher. Make sure you have tried doing the question before asking. If you keep on asking without even trying first, nobody will be happy to help you later. Remember: God helps those who help themselves.
  • If you can't get the answer after 15 or 30 minutes of trying, mark it with a question mark or any other preferred mark, and skip to the next question. Come back to the question later and try solving it again. If you have no idea how to do it, then it's time to seek help.
  • If you fail your Math test, don't give up. Learn from your mistakes. Look through your exam paper and see where you have gone wrong. Your teacher will explain every question in class after they have finished marking. If your teacher doesn't explain, then it's up to you to find out the answers yourself.
  • Finish your homework on time. Don't leave them for tomorrow cos there will be new homework tomorrow. Then, your work will be piling up and up. Don't procrastinate.

Next up: Biology

  • There's a lot to read for Bio. But if you read once, you'll get the main idea. It's better to read at least 3 times for each chapter so that you'll be familiar with the topics. Make sure you read and understand. Don't read blindly.
  • After reading a chapter, do practice questions. There are questions given after a chapter.
  • For essay questions, you really do need to read a lot. My friend used to copy back his tuition notes while he studied. I guess it helped him remember. He even drew out diagrams and pictures.
  • There are new words you may not be familiar with while reading Bio. Write out these words and look them up in the dictionary. Purchase a Science dictionary, as there'll be specific explanations given.
  • Read up the topic before your teacher discusses it in class. It'll help you understand.
  • Study Bio everyday. =)


  • A lot of reading involved too. There are calculations but a little different from Math.
  • Memorize the important formulas and ions.
  • Get familiar with the Periodic Table.
  • Study Chemistry everyday.
  • Find out the meaning of words that you don't know. Ask others if you don't understand something. Pay attention to your Chemistry teacher. If your Chemistry teacher is lousy, like mine, then you had better study hard. Don't rely on your teacher. They are there to guide. Not force you to learn.
  • Like Bio, read up the topic before your teacher discusses it. Read up each chapter 3 times or more and understand what you read. That's IMPORTANT.

I do not like Chemistry but I made the effort to study it as often as I could. However, don't concentrate too much on one subject. Make time for other subjects too. Balance your studying.

Pengajian Am

  • This is quite a simple subject. In fact, it's the easiest among the four. But, you still have to read your PA textbook and do the questions after each chapter.
  • When you've finished reading the WHOLE textbook, you can start doing model tests.
  • A little Math and thinking is needed from questions 45 until 60 of Paper 1. Practise doing these questions. They are considered easy but be careful that you don't make silly mistakes.
  • Learn to draw common graphs like graf bar, graf garis, carta pai and so on. Be meticulous in your work and don't leave out important details on your graph. Colour neatly and quickly. Time is crucial.
  • Read the newspapers so you'll know the latest news and issues. This knowledge may help you in your PA essays.

MUET (Malaysian University English Test)

  • There are 4 parts - comprehension, writing, speaking and listening.
  • To improve your English, read English language newspapers like The Star. You can read story-books too.
  • Look up in the dictionary if you don't know the meaning of some words.
  • Talk to your friends in English. Don't be shy to speak up even if you make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes. Don't bother if your friends make fun of you. They have their own weaknesses too.
  • Practise writing essays. Include adjectives in your essays to make it more flowery and interesting to read. Don't overdo it though.
  • For the listening exam, clean out your ears before coming to school. =D I'm not kidding. It may help you listen better. Haha! Don't dream during the test. The speaker will repeat the passage or conversation. If you don't understand the first time, make sure you get a clearer picture the second time.
  • As for the speaking exam, speak loud and clear. Don't look down on your notes. Look at the examiners and other candidates when you speak. Stay cool and calm. The other candidates are feeling nervous too so don't worry too much.

It's also advisable to try out past year questions. Past year questions were more difficult but they are a challenge. It'll test how much you know. Trying other schools' trial exam papers is also recommended. Different schools will set different kinds of questions. Most importantly, don't spot or think that a certain topic may come out in the real exam. They are not accurate most of the time. To be safe, study all and have faith in yourself.

Well, that's all. Good luck everyone!

Sunday Morning - The Newspapers

Every Sunday, after coming back home from church, I'll eat my breakfast, then quickly unroll the newspaper. I can't wait to read the Sunday newspaper because most of my favourite sections are in there. First, I'll read Dear Thelma. I love Dear Thelma's advice. Thelma must be one heck of a woman. She writes her advice with tact, passion and honesty. Well, she has to do that since the people who write in their problems really need a strong shoulder to cry on.

I pity the women who write in to her. I hope I wouldn't end up like one of them myself! There are all sorts of problems. Most of the people who write in are adults and women. It's the same old thing every time. Husbands who womanize, husbands who keep mistresses, husbands who visit prostitutes regularly, abusive husbands, extravagant husbands, lying, cheating husbands......so many. Are there so many bad, untrustworthy guys out there??? Whatever happened to forever love and 'till death do us part, in sickness and in health' blah blah blah? I forgot how the line goes anyway. My heart goes out to all these women out there. I sincerely hope they will get back on their feet and show their husbands/boyfriends who they really are and what they are capable of doing.

After Dear Thelma, I move on to the Reads section. I'll try to spot Tots to Teens then. Daphne Lee's reviews of books are enjoyable to read. She introduces new, interesting books for kids and teens. Next, I'll turn the pages to see if there is the Hantu Hauntings section. I don't like ghosts but I like to read about them. I still manage to scare myself this way though. =/

Oooooh, Lite FM is playing Madonna's Crazy For You song. I LOVE this song ever since I watched Jennifer Garner's 13 Going On 30. I heard this song long before I watched the movie but the movie made me like this song more. Love the tune and everything. It's a love song. I gave you warning already ok? =) If you are crazy over any fella, this is the perfect song to listen to. But if you just broke up with your sweetheart, then it's obvious that this is not your song for now. Maybe if you hook up with someone else, then you can start listening to this song again. I'm crapping........well, who cares? I'll go on.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of REST. But it's dreadfully hard for me to keep my eyes opened in the morning. I have to wake up to go to church. In church, I'll try my best not to doze off during the sermon. If they play my favourite hymns, then I'll happily sing along. If they play hymns, which I don't really like then sorry la, I'm not going to sing. I'm awful.

Sunday: A day given over by Americans to wishing they were dead and in heaven, and that their neighbors were dead and in hell.
H.L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Books Sold For A Song

I have a whole stack of STPM revision books that I don't think I may need anymore. So, I decided to let everyone know that I want to sell it all at half price. On the last day of my STPM exam, I managed to sell some of my books to a friend. There are original books, photocopied ones, and even trial papers from other states. I enjoy exchanging trial papers with students from different states. The more, the better. It is fun to receive thick, brown or white packages in the mail. =) Well, my exam days are over already so I can't exchange anymore. =(

Back to the main point. Another friend found a guy who wanted to buy second-hand books and mentioned me to him. He came and looked through the books. When he was done, I took the books and counted the price. Then, I told him the price. He looked at me with a wide-eyed expression. I think he thought that it was too expensive. But, hello???? He wanted around 6 books plus trial exam papers and extra notes and what did he expect?? I even reduced the price a little for him. His expression made me feel guilty after that. Did I overcharge him? I began to think.

His dad then asks how much it was. I told him. He immediately handed me a green money note and I gave him back his change. Hmph! His dad didn't look at me with big eyes or something. Some people just want everything to be unreasonably cheap, cheap, cheap. Hey, that was damn cheap man! I spent almost a fortune when I bought my STPM books. If only I was smart enough to buy second-hand books from somebody else, but I like new books. So I bought them new.

At least there is more space on my shelves now. Just need to get more buyers.

Anyway, my niece studies in a Chinese school and she was telling me about her Moral education class. She said that the teacher told them things like:

  • Don't let boys touch your bra.
  • Don't let boys go near you cos he wants to touch your bra.
  • Don't play too near to boys.
  • Don't expose your thighs.
  • Don't expose your armpit. (weird huh?)
  • Sit nicely. Don't give the boys a chance to peep inside your skirt.

It looks like the teacher was teaching them about their rights. Well, it sounds fine to let them know if anyone was trying to touch them in an inappropriate way. This must be the beginning to sex education. They should know what's right and what's wrong. Who's nice and who's not. You can't trust anyone these days. It's not easy to trust somebody in the first place.

Sex is so taboo. Parents are shy to discuss it with their kids. My dad won't even let me read Cleo a couple of years ago. He said that it was time for me to study and not to learn about sex. Haha! I don't blame him though. The cover of the magazine screamed 'I had 100 lovers!' Who would let their kid read that? Certainly not my dad or mom. I wouldn't let my kid read that too.

Something needs to be done to stop rape and injustice against women. We need to make the streets safe for everyone. The worst crime one can commit is to attack a child. It is insane! They are spoiling the child's life. Think of the child. They are innocent and they need us to take care of them. Not take advantage of them. It is just plain sick!

The Interview

Yesterday evening I went to the nearest mall cos I wanted to attend an interview. I decided I wanted to work at a famous (??? ok, make it well-known) fast-food place. 3 of my friends went too. My friend went to ask the staff at the counter when the interview would start and she told us to wait in the lobby.

Finally a tall fella appeared and we had to hand in our forms to him. He gave each of us a questionnaire and an answer sheet to mark our answers in. Wow! I didn't know we had to take a test just to work there. I was a cashier once and there weren't any test. I just went in for my interview, the interviewer shot a few questions, I answered as best as I can, and I got the job.

The questions were quite tough. No, not tough. They were plain tricky. All the answers seemed right. But if you study them carefully and think logically, you'll see that not all are acceptable. Then, you'll know which is wrong and which is right. The guy told us to answer as fast as we can. I guess discussing was not allowed but we sat so far away from him and we were all discussing our answers happily.

I also checked out the other candidates. There was one group of young punks who look like Mat Rempit people. Well, they can handle the delivery jobs then. Besides them, there were 2 other girls too.

After handing in our answers, we waited for our turns to be interviewed. The guy started off with the group of punks. Man, we waited for almost an hour for our turns to come. I wasn't sure how many people were in the group because when one fella left, another one appeared. It was like our turns will never come.

Finally, my turn came. The guy tried to speak English with me and well, I applaud his efforts for trying to speak the language. And the 'test' did not seem like a test at all. There were 45 questions. He told me that we only need to get 8 answers correct and we are considered for the job. 8? Out of 45? *shakes head* I wish STPM was like that too. If only, let's say, 10 out of 50 questions were correct, it's an A. Haha! I wish.

I can't work anyway, so even if I scored 45 out of 45, it won't be of any use.

Are your neighbours from hell or heaven?

I just read some very interesting and amusing articles about neighbours in The Star's Weekender. If I compare my neighbours with the neighbours in the stories, I'm really thankful I didn't have to put up with weirdos. To be honest, those neighbours in the articles were scary. One even practised black magic! Imagine that was your neighbour. Hell, I'd be scared to even look at them let alone live in such close proximity.

Well, sometimes my neighbours yell or talk at the top of their voices as if they are afraid they are not heard or something. Sometimes they yell during their conversations even though the yellers are only 1 metre apart from each other. And don't forget the kids too. There's a preschool child who cries and screams when things don't go her way. Every day, she will surely cry and scream without fail. Even her older brother screams along with her. Haha!

Then, we also have a local CNN network living on my left. The old grandmother does not have much to do and she has lots of spare time. And she uses her spare time effectively. Getting news from everyone about everyone. She knows what happened yesterday at the playground, whose mom-in-law came to visit, where the odd-looking guy went, and lots more. I think she knows what happened way before the people involved knew about it. You get what I mean, right?

All in all, they are decent neighbours. Not neighbours from hell. The screaming kid is pretty friendly. The old grandma can be helpful at times. Like when it rains, she will call us so that we can rush out in time to keep the clothes hanging outside. Sometimes, she offers us rambutans or pickles.

There's good and bad in everyone. You can't have everything. You just gotta blend everything together and shake it well.

It's a Saturday! What's the difference?

Good morning, good morning. I am in a more cheery mood today. It's still quiet. Last night, it was too quiet until I freaked myself out. Suddenly I smelt something like a flower or incense smell, I wasn't sure. I remembered my friend saying that if you smelt something sweet or some flower (I don't remember what flower), it's best not to mention it. For your own safety.

Anyway, I was the only one awake last night and I'll sure receive some scolding if I woke my parents up just to tell them I'm scared. So I hastily switched off the computer and the lights and walked hurriedly to my room. Boy, was I damn scared! I'm terrified of ghosts! That's why I wouldn't watch scary movies with ghosts as the theme of the movie. I don't understand why and how some people LOVE watching them!

I told my mom what happened this morning. She tried to assure me that maybe it was one of my neighbours who decided to pray late or something. Maybe they pai ang kong (Chinese praying) in the middle of the night. Well, that did calm me down a while. Next time I'll see if I smell the same smell when they pray during the day.

Anyone knows who sings this song with the words 'leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone......'? It's a female singer with quite a high voice. Not exactly a powerful voice, just average. It was playing on Fly FM.

Why do radio stations like to repeat the same songs over and over again? It's boring listening to the same song in the morning, afternoon and night! I know it's the latest song but please.....give us a break! For example, Beyonce's new song, a song with the lyrics 'to the lift, to the lift', sorry, I didn't catch the title of the song even though it's been played constantly. I can be real ignorant.

I am experiencing writer's block now. When I have something to say, I'll come back. For now, I'm waiting for my breakfast.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Blogging Marathon

Ever blogged for hours non-stop? Ever blogged for one whole day or one whole night? Blogging seems to be so in and lots of people are eager to join the 'in' crowd. Yeah, there are those who create a blog, write a super short post, then forget all about it. I doubt they forgot about it. They probably just don't care about it anymore.

Then there are those who blog and blog and blog. They blog like crazy. =D I think I am becoming like one of them now. Well, I am free now. And there is nothing good on TV. I'm too tired to read too. What else is there to do? Blog!

It's easier to type on a computer than to hold a pen and write on paper. Faster and more effective. Paper takes up too much space. On the other hand, the computer will never take up too much space. It just rests snugly in a corner of the room.

So, if anything interesting happened, most people now would just write about it on their blogs for the whole world to read. These people would rather write in their blog than tell anyone what happened face to face. I hope you get what I mean. As a result, many bloggers depend too much on the Internet to stay connected. Umm, yeah....they are connected but to who? I think they are only and pathetically connected to the computer screen. Not to real people around them. In fact, some shy away from real people. That is just sad.

Look what happened after the earthquake in Taiwan. So many idiots complained about how slow the Internet connection was, how they couldn't update their blogs, how they couldn't unleash their feelings of anguish, anxiety, blah, blah, blah.... They couldn't care less for the poor victims of the earthquake or those who died. They also didn't care about the floods in Johor. What do they care about? Their blogs. Their un-updated blogs.

At least the connection is better now. Hope they are happy.

I LOVE my blog!

I absolutely adore my new blog! The colours, the font, everything! It's perfect. A perfect end to a partially horrible day. *shrugs*

It's so quiet now at night. I can hear myself tapping away on the keyboard. I can hear the ceiling fan turning and turning. I can hear the crickets making noises outside. I can hear myself think. That's important. But no matter how quiet it is now, I'm feeling a teeny little bit drowsy. Exhausted from putting up this new blog. Exhausted with everything.

Oh, his message has not come yet. Yeah, my guy's message. I get like this whenever his message/SMS comes late. Are you like that? Are you addicted to your phone? Always smsing until the wee hours of the morning? It spoils your eyesight unfortunately. So, don't do it too often. When it's time to turn off the lights, send your last message, your last good nights, your last hugs and kisses, your last I love yous, etc. =) Tomorrow is another day and you can continue communicating with your friends and sweetheart.

Am I crapping here? Oh well, I love to crap, so what the heck? If you are bored of reading this, go away. Don't waste your time doing something you don't have the heart to do. Do the things that you love to do. Do the things that make you happy and delighted. Don't torture yourself.

I spent a really lovely afternoon with my boyfriend today. He tells me he loves me but do I believe him? I'm a really skeptical person. I don't trust anyone easily. But him pouring his heart to me? Yes, I believe him. Even though he is still a teenager (so am I), he is so sure. So sure that I'm the one for him. Is it real? Sometimes, I hardly believe what he says. I'm still young. Too young to commit myself fully. Too young to make promises that I may not be able to keep.

Well, that's life. Full of mysteries.

A Tumultuous Beginning

Ugh, is it so damn difficult to start a blog??? I think it took me almost half an hour just to sign up, choose a template and now finally to post.

Well, well, well, what a nice beginning we have here, eh? Oookay...let's see what we have here. Yeah, a girl, an angry girl to be more accurate, who simply hates everything right now from her life to her parents. Okay. So I don't really hate them. But how can you love them if they keep making decisions for me all the time? I don't have the freedom to do what I want.

All I want now is to work. Yes, plain and simple. I just want to work. Most of my friends are working and probably earning enough money to buy houses and cars (ok, only joking here! haha!). But many thanks to my dad, he WOULD NOT LET ME WORK!!! Sob sob...

Ah......it feels so nice to write in here. I feel 60% better already. =) Really.

Let me introduce myself. No real names here. Just call me Miss Positive. =) Sounds really cheery, don't ya think? I like to think positive. Looking on the bright side can make things better. Trust me. Just look on the bright side when you are feeling down. Even if there is NO hope left in this big, bad world, you'll find that tiny, sparkling feeling of hope in you. Try it and let me know. If you bother.

Since I'm not working anywhere, I have all the time in the world to blog. If I'm not blogging, I can be found watching television or reading the newspapers or reading a storybook. If my little nephew is awake, I have to play with him. He's the most adorable little baby boy in the whole wide world and I LOVE him so much! He is sooooooooo cute! Ah, babies... He's dreaming in Babyland now. Anytime tonight he may cry for water or milk and he'll wake me up. But in the morning, when he sees me, oh, what a charming smile he will give me. That is the nicest present I could ever have.

I'm blogging now and messaging my boyfriend. He's quite boring at times but still amazes me. Boys are boys. Or was it boys will be boys? Both can be accepted I guess. =p