Friday, January 19, 2007

All about kissing

How does a kiss really work? When was the last time you kissed someone be it your mom, dad, sis, bro, boyfriend, nephew, niece or anybody? Why do you kiss in the first place? To show how much you love them? To show affection? Is it their birthday or your anniversary? Or just for the fun of it?

A kiss is simple yet it conveys a thousand meanings. But before you kiss, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and make sure your mouth doesn’t stink of anything. Oh yeah, it is horrible to have someone smelly kiss you. You do want to leave a lasting impression, don’t you?

Okay, I just realized it. We are not allowed to kiss in public! So what am I doing by writing a post on kissing??? Never mind. It’s for your own good and also for the sake of the people you are kissing. =)

I typed in ‘kissing’ in Yahoo’s search engine and clicked on the first link. Here’s what I’ve found out.

  • Eat an apple before kissing somebody. It helps to freshen your breath.
  • To get a boy to kiss you, you have to dress well, smile and be friendly, and flirt. (Boys can be shy. So I don’t think he’ll kiss you immediately though. Maybe after a few months!)
  • If you want to learn about French kissing, there are a couple of diagrams showing what happens during a French kiss.

This kissing website is full of ways to try to get its visitors to buy their DVD on kissing so I left it and went to another website.

Last year, when I was simply going through my friend’s pocket dictionary for fun, I came across one interesting word. Osculation. Osculation is kissing! It is the scientific word for kissing. Cool, huh? So, my friend and I tried to sound articulate by using this new word we learnt.

I am osculating.
I would like to osculate you.

Then, we stopped because we realized we had to study. =D

Wikipedia is a real fine online encyclopedia. Everything is in it! You can find out everything you want in the world in this website. Okay, I’m exaggerating but to me, it’s almost true.

Here are the websites that I’ve visited:

I hope I don’t get ban or anything just for writing about kissing. I’m not using the F word or anything so hopefully, I won’t get ban. Kissing is so nice! I just want to share it that’s all. It’s really sweet to see old couples kissing even if it’s just a peck and holding hands while crossing the road. This shows that even when they are old, they still care to show affection for each other. Don’t you wish you’re like that when you’re old with your loved one? =)

~Kisses are like tears, the only real ones are the ones you can't hold back.~ (Author Unknown)


pinksterz said...

But before you kiss, make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and make sure your mouth doesn’t stink of anything.

imagine someone who just had a garlic meal lunch kissing you.

and anyway, in egypt it's kinda a trend for young girls having old man as their lover/husband.

Miss Positive said...

Imagine that fella burped after kissing you cos he ate garlic before that! Haha!

Wow, young girls and old apek? Interesting. Maybe the old men are loaded with money? But it's still disgusting, to me.

pinksterz said...

okay burping is way much worse.