Friday, September 28, 2007

A Day Walking With Nature

This will be a quick post filled with photos! Yeah, my first photo-post,if that's what you call it. By the way, last week, I forgot which day, probably Thursday if I'm not mistaken, I suggested to my friend, 'Why not visit the Kebun Bunga or the famous Botanical Gardens?'

I was fed up with shopping malls where there are only shops to look at and the prices of the stuff in the shops can give me a heart attack. So, we set off to Kebun Bunga. I didn't even know that the Kebun Bunga is the Botanical Gardens. And I'm a Penang person! Shame on me!

Can you spot the squirrel? It's at the top of the picture.

This tree with all its rings looked pretty interesting, so I simply snapped a pic of it.

There were so many monkeys around. I was terrified of them. I heard that monkeys weren't afraid of female humans.

And here is a monkey eating ice-cream. It came near us when it either saw or smelt our ice-creams.

The monkey waiting for more ice-cream. Sorry, we were too hungry we gobbled up our ice-creams as fast as we could.

I could only take photos of monkeys because there weren't any other kinds of animals around. However, I spotted a disgusting, juicy-looking centipede inside the hole of a tree. Nah, wasn't that interested to take a photo of it! Luckily we weren't required to use any worms in our experiments during my Biology days in school. Oh yeah, we cut up rats only but at least it's not worms!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buy A Dell Laptop!

I find it absolutely fun to own a laptop! I get to carry it everywhere with me and I can go online whenever and wherever I want! Well, as long as there’s an Internet connection but that’s not a huge problem for me.

As a student, a laptop is certainly useful. That’s why students need to get a good laptop so they can type in their assignments and surf the Internet for information. With a good student laptop, nothing can go wrong.

You’ve most probably heard of Dell computers. You must be living in the moon if you’ve never heard of Dell before. Dell is one of the best computer-selling companies. Dell laptops and computers are affordable and yet the quality is exceptional. What more could you ask for, eh?

You can even get a cool Laptop 17" at a reasonable price. Yeah, students are considered poor nevertheless, that’s why we source around for the best deals! In a nutshell, nothing can go wrong with a good Dell laptop.

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Not Another Rock Band

When I first heard the song 'Hanging By A Moment' by Lifehouse, I fell head over heels in love with it. Whenever the radio played that song, I'd go all excited and instantly turned up the volume. That time, I didn't know how hot the singer looked! I only got my first glimpse of the band or Jason Wade in particular on TV. Heck, I fell even more love with the song.

Check out this video clip and tell me if he's not as good-looking as I think he is! I first saw this music clip around 5 years ago, I think.

Then, some time in 2005, the song 'You and Me' was another mega-hit. Plus, in the video, Jason Wade looks so super-dashing! Must have melted many more girls' hearts!

Come on, I'm sure everyone of you has a favourite singer and has probably fallen in love more than 100 times with different singers. Perhaps those guys from rock bands get more female fans. The really good-looking ones, that is. Like Jason Wade, for example!

I know I'm behaving like some teeny-bopper now even though I'm way past that stage. But still, it won't hurt to relive old memories, right? ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Choose Your Furniture

When you feel bored at home, you go out. If you don’t go out, you stay at home. Isn’t it obvious? Well, when I’m at home, I’m basically spending time with my furniture, don’t I? I want my furniture to be pretty, too so I don’t get bored of them!

By the way, if you just love decorating and re-decorating your home, why not check out the Furniture From Home website where there are tons of cool furniture to choose from. Maybe you’re just planning to re-design your bedroom, then you definitely ought to browse through the bedroom furniture at the site.

What’s more, if you want to meddle in your kid’s bedroom, then the kid bedroom furniture and child bedroom furniture sections are the ones to go to.

Or perhaps you own a queen-sized bed and are considering getting king beds instead? Whatever your reason, it’s good enough to drop by this furniture website.

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Updates on Uni Life and A Fine

I've been in uni for almost ten years now or more. Haha! Well, only about 12 weeks actually, which is more than two months! I have 5 more weeks to exam week and hopefully, holiday begins some time in November.

Like every time before I begin school, usually at the beginning of each year, I have resolutions to study hard and finish all my homework on time. After every test I take, I do the same thing. I make resolutions because I failed to fulfil the previous ones. This has been going on since I was in primary school until now. And I still don't learn!

After completing some test that I didn't really prepare for, I'm like, 'Ah! So difficult. Must study harder later!' Unfortunately, other things take up my time so studies take a back seat.

Today would have been a great day if not for the 'saman' I got from the stupid Pegawai Keselamatan. I've been parking at the same place for more than a month now and before this, other Pegawai Keselamatan said I could park there. First-year students aren't allowed to drive but we can park our cars near the university exits. I've been fined once already, cost me RM20! And today it's another RM20 down the drain.

Arghhhhhh! I was so frustrated just now until I cried. Stupid pegawai keselamatan. So, it's RM40 wasted! You hear me, wasted!!! I hate rushing for the buses because everybody else is rushing, too. We are so uncivilized and we just keep pushing one another until we manage to go up the bus first. Nobody wants to walk. No guy wants to be a gentleman either. Sometimes, it's the guys who push the most!

It sucks not being able to park at my usual spot anymore. It's the best place! Maybe next time, I'll check if there are pegawai keselamatans around. If there are any, I'll certainly 'belah'! I thought after the first fine of 20 bucks I'd try not to get fined again and I followed their Stupid Rules. Some guard said that I could park there!!!!!! Ugh, I'm getting frustrated now all over again. I can't wait to be in my second year where we are allowed to finally drive or ride bikes in campus! Being a first-year sucks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time For New Furniture!

Are you plain bored with your furniture at home? Tired of looking at the same brown chairs and table while you are dining? Then, it is high time for a major change! If you are adventurous, that is.

Well, if you are searching high and low for furniture with amazing quality, then you had better check out the Furniture From Home website. It’s the best place possible for beautiful furniture. There, you can find nice-looking bedroom furniture, living room furniture, furniture home office, and even partners desk!

There aren’t only like 10 or 15 sets for each category but there are so MANY types of designs for you to choose from! Really incredible site and even more incredible furniture! Don’t miss it now!

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