Thursday, January 18, 2007

Review: Night At The Museum

I went to watch 'Night At The Museum' starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke and Robin Williams yesterday afternoon. I've always liked Ben Stiller movies cos he's a really funny guy and actor. Meet The Parents 1 & 2 had me laughing till my sides hurt. Well, this museum movie was somewhat okay too.

Hmm...I don't really know how to review this movie as it did not have a lasting inpression on me. Not really funny but not boring either. It was okay like I said.

I liked the part where Larry (Ben Stiller) and the supposedly generous little monkey, Dexter, were continually slapping each other! That and all the other scenes with Owen Wilson in them. Owen Wilson is also another talented and funny actor. He's very suitable for comedy movies. He has the comical face suitable for comedy movies. Ahhh....I'm getting boring. It's okay. I'll continue to bore you.

Sacajawea is so pretty! Her picture is on the top right. The actress is Mizuo Peck. She must be new cos I've never seen her before. Oh, I just searched her out on the IMDb website and read her filmography. She's acted on several shows before, none that I've watched though.

Robin Williams' character, Teddy Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States is in love with Sacajawea. He just kept staring and gazing at her but never dared to approach her to say hello or anything.

I also liked to hear Attila the Hun's language too. Attila loves to rip his victims' limbs apart. Weird. I gotta read up on Attila the Hun's history. I have always thought he was some kind of barbarian.

My next post will be about Legally Blonde 2.

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