Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's a Saturday! What's the difference?

Good morning, good morning. I am in a more cheery mood today. It's still quiet. Last night, it was too quiet until I freaked myself out. Suddenly I smelt something like a flower or incense smell, I wasn't sure. I remembered my friend saying that if you smelt something sweet or some flower (I don't remember what flower), it's best not to mention it. For your own safety.

Anyway, I was the only one awake last night and I'll sure receive some scolding if I woke my parents up just to tell them I'm scared. So I hastily switched off the computer and the lights and walked hurriedly to my room. Boy, was I damn scared! I'm terrified of ghosts! That's why I wouldn't watch scary movies with ghosts as the theme of the movie. I don't understand why and how some people LOVE watching them!

I told my mom what happened this morning. She tried to assure me that maybe it was one of my neighbours who decided to pray late or something. Maybe they pai ang kong (Chinese praying) in the middle of the night. Well, that did calm me down a while. Next time I'll see if I smell the same smell when they pray during the day.

Anyone knows who sings this song with the words 'leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone......'? It's a female singer with quite a high voice. Not exactly a powerful voice, just average. It was playing on Fly FM.

Why do radio stations like to repeat the same songs over and over again? It's boring listening to the same song in the morning, afternoon and night! I know it's the latest song but please.....give us a break! For example, Beyonce's new song, a song with the lyrics 'to the lift, to the lift', sorry, I didn't catch the title of the song even though it's been played constantly. I can be real ignorant.

I am experiencing writer's block now. When I have something to say, I'll come back. For now, I'm waiting for my breakfast.


Kamigoroshi said...

It might be The Veronicas - Leave Me Alone. Though I don't know, that's the only recent song with those lyrics of late.

I don't listen to Fm Radio anymore. Mostly online radios like Pandora. That way I can listen to songs I've never heard before and more likely than not like it because of how it sounds (Pandora scans your music taste and tone preferences and plays music according to them).

Kamigoroshi said...

Did Blogger just eat my comment or has it yet to be approved?

Miss Positive said...

Haha! Can Blogger eat comments? I didn't know that. Don't worry, your comments have been approved already.

Thanks for telling me the title of the song. What kind of music does Pandora play? Are the songs played on FM radio too? Nah, my computer is not switched on 24/7 so I'll just stick to my faithful radio. =)

Kamigoroshi said...

Pandora plays any music you want. You first enter the kind of music you like (either from a band or a certain song), then Pandora find a playlist most similar to the band or song you selected.

So some of the songs you probably might never hear in Malaysia because they are either found in the CD or they are bands Malaysians are never exposed to. Pretty neat and broadens the music taste.

Miss Positive said...

Sweet. I'd love to try Pandora one day. I'm always open to new songs or new bands. Some of them are much better than the other more-publicised ones.

Thanks a lot!