Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Morning - The Newspapers

Every Sunday, after coming back home from church, I'll eat my breakfast, then quickly unroll the newspaper. I can't wait to read the Sunday newspaper because most of my favourite sections are in there. First, I'll read Dear Thelma. I love Dear Thelma's advice. Thelma must be one heck of a woman. She writes her advice with tact, passion and honesty. Well, she has to do that since the people who write in their problems really need a strong shoulder to cry on.

I pity the women who write in to her. I hope I wouldn't end up like one of them myself! There are all sorts of problems. Most of the people who write in are adults and women. It's the same old thing every time. Husbands who womanize, husbands who keep mistresses, husbands who visit prostitutes regularly, abusive husbands, extravagant husbands, lying, cheating many. Are there so many bad, untrustworthy guys out there??? Whatever happened to forever love and 'till death do us part, in sickness and in health' blah blah blah? I forgot how the line goes anyway. My heart goes out to all these women out there. I sincerely hope they will get back on their feet and show their husbands/boyfriends who they really are and what they are capable of doing.

After Dear Thelma, I move on to the Reads section. I'll try to spot Tots to Teens then. Daphne Lee's reviews of books are enjoyable to read. She introduces new, interesting books for kids and teens. Next, I'll turn the pages to see if there is the Hantu Hauntings section. I don't like ghosts but I like to read about them. I still manage to scare myself this way though. =/

Oooooh, Lite FM is playing Madonna's Crazy For You song. I LOVE this song ever since I watched Jennifer Garner's 13 Going On 30. I heard this song long before I watched the movie but the movie made me like this song more. Love the tune and everything. It's a love song. I gave you warning already ok? =) If you are crazy over any fella, this is the perfect song to listen to. But if you just broke up with your sweetheart, then it's obvious that this is not your song for now. Maybe if you hook up with someone else, then you can start listening to this song again. I'm crapping........well, who cares? I'll go on.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of REST. But it's dreadfully hard for me to keep my eyes opened in the morning. I have to wake up to go to church. In church, I'll try my best not to doze off during the sermon. If they play my favourite hymns, then I'll happily sing along. If they play hymns, which I don't really like then sorry la, I'm not going to sing. I'm awful.

Sunday: A day given over by Americans to wishing they were dead and in heaven, and that their neighbors were dead and in hell.
H.L. Mencken, US editor (1880 - 1956)

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