Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Busy With Blogsvertise

I’ve only started blogging recently and to tell you the truth, I simply love it! It’s so easy and fast to blog and what I love most is the readers who come to visit.

Besides blogging, I enjoy reading what other people have to say in their blogs too. There are very talented writers out there in the blogging community and therefore, what they write grabs my attention immediately.

Bloggers who love to blog also have the opportunity to earn some side income. They can earn some cold, hard cash from Blogsvertise. Blogsvertise brings benefits to both bloggers and advertisers alike.

If you have a blog and you absolutely love blogging whenever and wherever you are, don’t give this a miss! You could be getting something back from what you’ve been giving in your blogs.


pinksterz said...

yeah, heard about that. but i don't fancy having ads on my page. haha.
i am a control freak over my blog!

but diff people diff thought rite?

Miss Positive said...

Well, good for you for being adamant about keeping your blog ad-free. My friend also doesn't believe in making money out of her blogs.

But somehow I kinda like this kind of thing. They give you a topic and you write about it. Looks like homework. I'm very free so I like homework. Haha!

RandomEncounters said...

I love having ads, and doing paid posts! I feel there is no harm in making a little money from a hobby. Miss Positive, you left a comment under my blogsvertise on my blog, and no I have not received any offers yet, try blogitive.com they always have offers for me.

pinksterz said...

i know when we are too free we love homework because i got that feeling when i finished my spm too.

dead bored at home until i even considered joining my tuition class back just for fun despite the fact i'll be the oldest there. LOL.

Miss Positive said...

To randomencounters: Thanks for dropping by. I can't write for Blogitive or others yet as my blog is still new, so they won't accept it for the moment. I'll try again later. Thanks!

To pinksterz:Haha! Yeah, maybe you should have tried out that plan. It would be a pretty good story to tell later. =D