Thursday, March 29, 2007

13 Movies I’ll Never Get Bored Of

It's true. I don't think I'll ever get bored of these movies. There are more than 13 actually and I only gave 13 because it's Thursday Thirteen!

1. The Rat Race

This is one of the funniest movies ever made! You will find me laughing non-stop whenever I’m watching this movie. There are many characters in it too and that’s another thing that I like. The characters have their own funny and weird ways, which I find amusing. Really, if you want a good laugh, then this is a must-watch movie!

2. Center Stage

When I watch this movie, I’ll have the sudden inspiration to dance. The dancers are great and talented and well, if only I could dance just like them. But, it would need years of practice and they are dancing ballet! If I’m not wrong, you have to be, like, 5(???) to start on your ballet journey and on your way to be a huge star in ballet. Anyway, I just like dance movies.

3. Home Alone 1

Macaulay Culkin sure is cute when he’s only 6. And a very naughty little boy, too! It is also hard to believe that a 6-year-old could do such meticulous planning to capture the robbers. The robbers are quite stupid too. That’s another reason why the movie is so hilarious.

4. Home Alone 2

Just like in Home Alone 1, Kevin (Culkin) has to outsmart the idiotic but revengeful robbers. This time, he’s in New York City and he’s pretty brave to survive on his own. I hope more 6-year-olds have his guts and determination.

5. Legally Blonde

The first Legally Blonde is much better than its sequel. It’s the bimboness that tickled my funny bone. Elle Woods might seem ridiculous but she’s one cool character. She set out to go to Harvard and she got Harvard. She’s also very friendly to the other students there although all they ever did were give her long and stupefied stares.

6. Shrek

My favourite character would be the donkey with Eddie Murphy as its voice. It’s a truly funny donkey and an endearing one too. What would Shrek be without his donkey?

7. Titanic

Need I explain more? I adore Titanic! I started watching Titanic again last year when I borrowed my sis’ CD and fell head over heels in love with the story. Oh, how sad that Jack had to die at the end. If only he were alive, then he and Rose can be together! Yeah, I’m quite a silly romantic. =)

8. White Chicks

The Wayans brothers are simply hilarious! They were very funny when they pretended to be white, air-headed girls. I like the part when the big-sized coach claimed one of the brothers as his prize at the auction and swept ‘her’ off ‘her’ feet.

9. BeDazzled

Did I list a lot of funny movies here? I’m sure I did. I love funny movies because they make me laugh a lot. Laughter is the best medicine and BeDazzled is one heck of an effective medicine. Brendan Fraser became one of my favourite actors after I watched this movie. Oh, Elizabeth Hurley looks simply gorgeous in it too. I like her British accent, too.

10. Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves

Ah, another romantic movie. I absolutely love the song by Bryan Adams – Everything I Do, I Do It For You. Robin Hood is another fairy tale-like movie but everyone likes a happy ending, right?

11. The Parent Trap

This was when Lindsay Lohan was still a kid and quite innocent. Haha! She’s brilliant in this movie. Well, in this story, she had to act as twins and they meet each other in summer camp. Then, they discover they are actually sisters and not each other’s evil clones. A nice movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

12. The Gods Must Be Crazy

Another funny movie. This is really good movie. Hmm, I haven’t watched it for quite a while and I only have The Gods Must Be Crazy 2. You have to watch it to know how funny it is.

13. Les Miserables

Oh, I have to read this book one day. This movie is beautiful! This is a story of a criminal who turned over a new leaf but a policeman (I think he’s called a policeman) still would not let him go free. You see, this policeman thinks that a criminal would always be a criminal and he considers the man a wolf in sheep’s skin. It’s a very good story set during the French Revolution.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Movie Review: Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean. Ah, Mr. Bean is back once again with all his clumsiness and selfishness!

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Bean ever since….. I can’t really remember. But, I know that I’ve always enjoyed all his shows and movie. He never fails to make me laugh with his silly antics and also that weird way of walking and running. My little niece is also a big fan of Mr. Bean!

So, what’s he up to this time? Anyway, Mr. Bean’s Holiday will be Rowan Atkinson’s final movie on Mr. Bean. That is sad news since we won’t be seeing anymore new stuff.

Well, Mr. Bean is on holiday, apparently. He won a trip to Cannes (pronounced as ‘kan’), France but got into lots of trouble on the way there. Before boarding his train, he asks a man to take a video of him going into the train. Haha! I certainly would not like to be that man. Mr. Bean had him to take the video over and over again until it is perfect. But, as luck would have it, that man missed the train and it’s all Mr. Bean’s fault. As usual.

What’s worse is that the man’s son was on board the train. When Mr. Bean realized this, he felt terribly bad. You could see it on his face. He went and sat opposite the boy and tried to cheer him up. Oh, Mr. Bean recycles all his jokes in this movie. Maybe this movie is like a summary of all Mr. Bean jokes.

Incidentally, Mr. Bean tried to help the boy find back his father. When Mr. Bean and the boy were at the next train station, the boy’s father passed by in a train that was not going to stop. The boy’s father was holding up a piece of paper with the word ‘Cannes’ on it and his telephone number. Mr. Bean took a photo of the paper but the boy’s father accidentally covered the last two digits of the telephone number. Here, Mr. Bean wrote out all the possible numbers for the last two digits and he and the boy tried to call every number on his list.

Mr. Bean and the boy got separated somehow. Mr. Bean even meets a beautiful young actress who was kind enough to give him a lift to Cannes. She thought he was Russian and he never bothered to tell her he was English. All he ever says is ‘oui, oui’. (oui = French for yes)

And like all Mr. Bean shows, there is a happy ending. The boy finally meets his parents and Mr. Bean finally gets to go to the beach. Ah, I would love to watch this movie all over again!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Money Making Blog

This should be interesting.

I came to this blog called 'Money Making Blog' through Project Petaling Street and its post title captivated me almost immediately. Philip Yong, the author of the blog, is giving away free backlinks if you review his blog.

Well, his blog is quite informative. He introduces alternative ad programs that you can run in your blogs. If you are getting sick of Google Adsense, why not check out Philip's blog and get the lowdown on other advertising programs that might just suit your taste buds?

Wanna know more tips on how you can earn money online? Go visit the Money Making Blog now! I know you want to. =D

Deal or No Deal!

Deal or No Deal? What an absolutely catchy name! Are you wondering what in the world it is? Well, allow me to tell you all about it.

If you are a games freak, then this should be the perfect haven for you to play games! This 'Deal or No Deal' game can be found at Winzy. The good thing about this site? It's a completely free for you to play your hours away.

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Still not tempted? Why don't you check out the site for yourself and you be the judge. Have fun playing!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm gonna be part of TT!

Thirteen Things about ME

1. I love to read.
2. I love to surf the Net.
3. I love to blog.
4. I love pizza!
5. I can be playful and yet serious at times.
6. I'm quite a crybaby!
7. I enjoy watching movies that make me laugh non-stop.
8. I like to be alone sometimes.
9. I want to be a millionaire. Hopefully before I reach 30.
10. I would like to open my own bookstore. Or work in one.
11. I enjoy playing with my nieces and nephew.
12. I wish I were rich. Then, I can buy anything I want!
13. I would love to travel all around the world one day.

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
1. Kris

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

What would you do if somebody slapped you right across your face in public?

Well, I just asked this question for myself for fun. Not that it had happened to me before. Not that I would want it happening to me! Haha!

Anyway, I’ll suggest 9 ways. Again.

1. Stare stupidly at the person who generously gave you the slap.
2. Slap the person back.
3. Cry. (No way am I going to do that!)
4. Run away and hide.
5. Or stay and fight back.
6. Curse the person silently while giving him/her the evil stare.
7. Complain to somebody else nearest to you.
8. Put your hands on the part of your face where you were slapped and try to look absolutely hurt.
9. Or offer your other cheek.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pancake House of Horror!

I wanted to write about my pancake-eating experience at the Paddington House of Pancakes in Queensbay Mall yesterday but it slipped my mind somehow. It was a funny and tormented experience and also a totally unforgettable one!

My friend and I had always passed the pancake house each time we were at Queensbay but never ate there. Yesterday, I made up my mind to try how the pancakes were.

So, I ordered pancakes with strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream, almond flakes and chocolate sauce. Maple syrup came with it. For drinks, we both ordered hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The hot chocolate was kind of nice but the marshmallows were tiny! I think I only had around 5 tiny marshmallows in my hot chocolate. And the marshmallows were the best things in our meal.

Back to my pancakes. They looked truly good and delicious and I enjoyed it initially. But after eating halfway, I felt ‘jelak’. Like I couldn’t bear to continue eating. But, with will and determination, I finished it!

My friend ordered a kind of pancake burger. There were fries, a tomato, and some beef wedged between pancakes. Of course there were salad, capsicums, and cheese, too over and under the beef. And don’t expect to find KFC’s or McD’s kind of burger because the beef was not in one piece. It was like fried and tossed around in the kuali.

The verdict: The beef was horrible!

Haha! Or maybe it just didn’t suit our KFC/McD/Pizza Hut taste buds.

I had already finished my pancakes, strawberries, etc but my friend could not bring himself to eat up the beef. So, I helped him. But, we did not manage to wolf down the whole thing. 85% of the total beef served was still there huddled together on the plate.

The total of our ‘meal’ was RM50++. What an expensive experience. Well, now we know where not to eat the next time! I’d also rather have spent the RM50 on normal McD burger and fries plus could have gotten a movie ticket as well.

But, like I said, it was an unforgettable experience.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted a Video CD of The Devil Wears Prada in Borders Bookstore. I’ve been eager to catch this movie when it was being shown in the cinemas but couldn’t because I was busy preparing for my STPM last year.

Why did I buy a Video CD, did you ask? Well, I do have a DVD player and it is so high class that it can only play original DVDs. So, the pirated DVDs can never find a home next to my DVD player, most unfortunately. However, it accepts pirated VCDs though and of course, original VCDs, too. It’s weird.

The movie was clear all the way and that’s the most important thing to consider if you really want to enjoy a movie.

Anyway, it’s about Andrea (Andy) Sachs who wants to get a job as the assistant of Runway magazine’s editor, Miranda Priestly. She was lacking in the fashion department and the people working for Miranda thought she wouldn’t get the much sought-after job.

But, Andy got it! Everyone was quite surprised, naturally and they did not make things comfortable for her, obviously. However, Andy was hardworking, a quick learner, and turned to Nigel’s help to improve her fashion. Nigel is the magazine's art director. Soon after that, Andy started coming to work wearing chic, fashionable clothes and looked totally glamorous in them. Even Miranda, the awfully hard to please editor, approved of her change in clothes.

All the same, Andy got more and more involved with her work and being Miranda’s personal slave, her relationship with her own boyfriend started to deteriorate. They spent less time together and things just began falling apart. Andy really made her job her priority and just let things be. Because she’s so efficient and reliable, Miranda picked her and not her Number 1 assistant, Emily, to follow her to Paris for a fashion show, which Emily was absolutely dying to go to.

It is a really nice movie and the clothes in it are simply fabulous. Wish I can wear them everyday to work or anywhere I want and look purely stylish. Meryl Streep was brilliant as the demanding Miranda Priestly and Anne Hathaway was just like in Princess Diaries. All in all, everyone’s performance in this movie was first class!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Uncyclopedia - Just like Wikipedia but funnier!

Oh my gosh!!! You gotta check out this website. It is simply crazy and hilarious! I was laughing all the time I was reading the page about Malaysia. It's mostly true facts and they put them in such a funny way. If you have an open mind, you'll die laughing over this site. Check it out:


Saturday, March 17, 2007

myLot is slow! Definitely not a quick way to earn money

I know it's bad to sit in front of the computer for a long time but I can't help it. I'm too busy blogging and surfing other sites. And yeah, the bill's over RM100++. My mom did not say anything though. They won't let me work, so what am I supposed to do?

There's this myLot website where you can post your own comments and thoughts and get paid for it! In a super slow way, though. I made a mistake before and posted only one-liners and short, short sentences. I only made 1 cent that day. Haha! I was so freaking shocked!

I was like, 'WHAT??? No, it can't be. I've posted so many responses! I should have gotten more than the stupid 1 cent.

But later, I found out that I had to post longer and more descriptive responses. Man, I think it's pathetic. I'm just going to post until I get my $10, then I'm so outta there. I'd rather blog here.

If you're too rich and too free, check out myLot. Get yourself lost in there.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What if you and your loved one were separated?

Now that the STPM results are out, I have to think what course I want to study and which university to go to. Well, my dad has made his decision for me. I have to go to USM. It's fine with me anyway.

I know something is going to happen after my results. I know something will happen and it will make me hopelessly sad!

My guy and I might be studying at different places.

Yeah, it's horribly bad news to me. Just now, he told me he might be going to Johor or even Perlis! What places are those??? So damn far away from Penang. But, he has no choice I guess. He said he'll try to find the course he wants in Penang.

I don't know what to do. I don't know what to think. I know I can cry and that's it.

I am not in the mood now.

Life sucks.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Babysitter? Mama?

Why are babysitters such hits nowadays? Why are they taking care of 5 to 6 kids at one time? Are they planning to run a nursery or kindergarten?

It does not make sense at all. One babysitter in charge of 5 kids! That is totally ridiculous. It’s mad to accept more and more kids when one already has to take care of a few others. Why do they do it? Is it because of the money? Or is it because the parents are desperate for a babysitter and she’s, like, the only left?

Then, why do people have kids when all they are going to do is throw them at the babysitter’s? Some even leave their kids at the babysitter’s day and night. There’s a babysitter in my neighbourhood who has looked after a boy for many years. I think she took him in when he was a toddler and now he’s almost a teenager. He even calls her Ma!

People now are so crazy after money and all those materialistic ways of life that they fail to give care and attention to their kids. Instead, they try to shower their kids with plenty of expensive toys and gifts to make up for themselves.

The kids don’t want toys. They don’t want money either. All they want is their parents. They want their parents’ time and attention. They want to have a strong relationship with their parents. Unfortunately, they seem closer to their babysitters.

Some kids are lucky to have good babysitters who treat them well and look after them properly. However, some unlucky ones are stuck with babysitters from hell.

There’s also another babysitter near my house who must be taking care of a few kids and we can hear her screaming at the kids at the top of her lungs frequently. Then, we’ll hear a kid or two crying pitifully. Once, she even threw a small boy out the back door and the poor fella was crying away!

Parents: Don’t be fooled. In front of you, the babysitter might treat your kid like he’s a prince. When you’re not around, you never know how he’s being treated. When you ask them anything, they’ll only tell you the good things. Only the good babysitters will admit their faults.

If you send your kid to the babysitter, why not pay a surprise visit? This way, the babysitter won’t have time to prepare or clean up whatever mess she got herself into.

Don’t be too fussy though. But, don’t be too lenient too.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of babysitters. I would prefer to take care of my own kid, if I had one. This way, I know my kid would be safe and happy. With his family.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why do I cry when watching Hindi movies?

Why do I always cry when watching Hindi movies? Maybe the story is just touching or maybe it’s the exaggerated background music. Yeah, I think it’s the music. What else can it be then?

My mom likes to watch Hindi or Tamil movies now. She said that they have good stories to tell and good moral values to convey. Well, I think she kind of like Shah Rukh Khan. Haha! Just kidding!

Anyway, there are only 3 days left. In 3 days time, I’ll know my STPM results. Oh, how I dread it and yet I can’t wait for it so that I can get it over and done with.

Which course should I apply for? Which university should I go? Should I try for a scholarship even though I know my results would not be that outstanding? Ah, I don’t know, I don’t know.

I’ve kind of made up my mind to go for Mass Communications. A couple of my friends are doing it now and they said it’s fun. One is in US and one is in Lim Kok Wing. Nah, not going to go to either place. I’m thinking of a public university like UM or USM, which is close to home.

If I go UM, I’ll be far from my family. Then, I can only get to see my nephew and nieces once in a while. I’ll miss my home so much. I’ll miss my parents. Most of all, I’ll miss my bed and bolster. Hmm, what if I brought them along with me? I meant my bed mattress and bolster. Okay, the pillow too.

Well, first things first. First thing to face: my results.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

How your blog looks like in different browsers

I was ecstatic when I thought I could blog normally in Mozilla Firefox's browser. Haih....I did not know that when I copied and pasted in Blogger in Firefox, HTML tags will appear when my blog is viewed with Internet Explorer. Luckily, somebody informed me about those weird HTML tags.

I still don't know what's wrong with my stupid Internet Explorer. Maybe there's a virus? But I scanned yesterday already. Guess I have to scan again.

Sometimes, I hate computers so much and yet I can't live without them. For now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

STPM results out next Thursday! Run!!!

The long-awaited STPM results will be out next week on the 15th of March 2007 and it is on a Thursday. Well, who cares what day it will be released? As long it’s released then it’s all right.

A few days ago, my friend had been bugging and asking me when I think the results will be announced. I told him I have no idea but he still asked me to ask my friends. Haha! I guess he must be really, really anxious about his results. Well, I am too! Who wouldn’t be?

I know for one that my Chemistry is a total goner. I’ll be happy if I passed the stupid subject. I mean, I studied Chemistry very hard but it’s a mystery why I can’t answer the questions in my exam. Actually, even my brainy friends had to guess the answers. Was it that tough or what?

I’m also sorry for not updating my blog. I’m sorry for myself too. Just been busy, that’s all. But, I’ll try to update regularly after this.

By the way, the SPM results will be out on Monday the 12th of March and like I mentioned earlier, the STPM results will be out on Thursday, 15th of March. If you want to check your STPM results next Thursday, you can go to the following website after 11am.

You can also key in STPM, followed by space and your identity card number and send it to 39003 via SMS.

5 Favourite Malaysian Bloggers

What a huge relief!!! I was not able to blog in Blogger because I think there was some funny problem with my computer. Every time I tried to post something, the post would not appear, only the title. I almost gave up hope on my computer when I was suddenly struck with a brilliant idea.

Why not download another browser?

I was always using Internet Explorer and so far, there weren't any problems. Anyway, I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser last night and voila! I can blog again! Yeah!!! Haha!

Okay, here's a tag, which I've been tagged by Princess Shin. I have to list out 5 of my favourite Malaysian bloggers.

  1. 5xMom

5xMom or Lilian Chan. I like to read her blogs because she’s funny and her posts make me laugh at times. She is also very generous with her blogging tips and also tips on making money online, etc. 5xMom is also like a wondermom to me what with blogging frequently and also taking care of her kids.

  1. Pinksterz

Miss Pinksterz in Egypt studying to become a famous doctor one day. I read her blog regularly too because she always comes up with something wacky. Check out her blog if you want a good laugh.

  1. Princess Shin

She’s also another intelligent gal blogger. She writes interesting posts and most of them are the latest news in everything from music, movies, fashion, etc. Well, it seemed like that to me. So, if I want to know what’s happening now in the entertainment scene, I can always check out her blog in case she mentions something that I did not know there.

  1. Xion

Here is a blog where the blogger gives endless tips and websites, which give you the chance to earn some cool dollars. Xion is extremely generous with money-making tips and he’s also very helpful. He’s not stingy with his information and is always ready to help other bloggers.

  1. Me

Enough said. =)

Now, I shall tag Pinksterz to do this tag. I know I’m supposed to tag at least 4 or 5 people but I have no idea who else to pass on the baton. Well, if you are interested, you can do this tag as well. Drop me a comment, though, okay? =D