Thursday, January 18, 2007

Review: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

I know this is quite an old movie that was released in 2003 but I only watched it last night on TV2. So, I'll write about it then.

Legally Blonde 1 was funnier than Legally Blonde 2. Both movies star Reese Witherspoon as the bimboish blonde, Elle Woods. In the first movie, her good-for-nothing boyfriend, Warner, dumped her because he thought she was not smart enough to be his girlfriend. In the second movie, Elle is already a successful lawyer. Successful? I think so. I'm not sure how to describe her.

By the way, Elle is going to get married to Emmett Richmond, another lawyer cum lecturer at Harvard. She wants to invite everybody who is important to her in her life. Guess who else is important too? Her pet dog, Bruiser's parents.

Elle found him when he was a homeless dog wandering in the streets so he does not know whom his parents are. He was a beggar. He even wore the bling-bling dollar sign metal chain (must be some pimp, I guess).

Elle wishes to submit Bruiser’s Bill, which fights for the rights of animals. Elle hired a prominent investigator to search for Bruiser’s parents. He reported to Elle that Bruiser’s mom is in a Versace building. She thought it was the clothing line but actually, it’s a place where make-up is tested on animals so that it will be safe for people to use.

Since Bruiser’s mom is there and since she’s an animal lover too, Elle decided to change the law. As usual, she encounters a few mean people who want to stop her from succeeding. But she’s confident and enthusiastic. She doesn’t give up just like in the first movie. That’s how she became a lawyer.

In Washington, she made new friends too. One of them is a doorman, Sid. He helps her a lot, too to make Bruiser’s Bill accepted. Then, there are also her new colleagues who were unfriendly to her initially but in the end warms up to her.

That’s all I guess for this movie. I still prefer Legally Blonde, the first movie. =)


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