Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweating Everyday!

It sucks being a freshie at university. I keep getting lost and what's worse, I keep sweating cos I kept getting lost! And it rarely rains nowadays. The sun is shining with all its might upon me making me sweat and sweat. Each time, I'll arrive at some event dripping with sweat. That's why I prefer to wear black shirts so it's not that obvious.

I'm also quite embarrassed if people stare at the sweaty-me. But, I learn not to bother with them. Like they don't sweat! I've met wonderful people here in uni but they speak Mandarin most of the time. I think I might be able to pick up Mandarin during the 3 years that I'll be here.

The best thing of all, I get to go out and lepak at night! I can't do that when I'm home with my parents as they don't allow me to do so. Last night, my friends and I went out of uni and explored the shops around. Cool! So many shops but can't simply spend. There are even fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut and KFC.

I haven't had my lunch yet. My friends didn't wait for me! I couldn't find the place they were waiting for me. So, I asked another friend to meet me at the library. See? Even I can't be alone to have lunch. I need company for now.

So far, I think uni is quite okay. But, I hate the bathroom. No place to put my stuff like shampoo and all. I might put more hooks on the back of the door. Hope nobody else breaks it!

Not enough sleep and I think I'll be getting the flu later. That's the beginning of uni life. No freshly boiled water. The only water I'm drinking now is from the vending machine where you pay 10 cents for 500ml of water, 30 cents for 1.5 litres and RM1.00 (I think) for a few litres.

My friend is here already. Gotta go and eat now! More updates later!