Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Analytic and Sequential Learning

I received this in my e-mail today. As I read along, I began to think I'm kind of an analytic learner. Let's go over the characteristics, shall we?

An analytic person likes to learn things step-by-step, or sequentially.

Sound familiar? If so, look over these characteristics to find out if these traits hit home, as well. Then you may want to capitalize on the study recommendations and improve your study skills.

Are You a Sequential Learner?

  • A analytic or sequential learner may be more likely to respond to a problem with logic first, instead of emotion.

Logic? I approach a problem with curiosity to see if I can answer it or not.

  • If you’re a sequential learner, you may feel the need to understand each part of an algebra equation.

Yup, that's me. I read through the whole question and put brackets or underline each question/task.

  • You may be good with time management, and you probably get to school on time.

No, this does not describe me. When I got the chance to drive to school by myself, I was late. The punishment was collecting rubbish. Got the chance to talk to a cute boy though. =)

  • You tend to remember names.


  • Your notes may be divided and labeled. You categorize things a lot.

My notes are definitely not divided. I write everything in one book.

  • You plan ahead.

Yes. I plan ahead.


  • You may get hung up on details when reading.
  • You have to understand something before you move on.
    You might get frustrated easily with people who don’t understand things as quickly as you do. (so true!)

Analytic Style Study Tips

Do you become frustrated when people assert opinions as facts? People who are very analytic learners might. Analytic learners like facts and they like learning things in sequential steps.

They are also fortunate, because many of their preferred methods are used in traditional teaching. Teachers also enjoy giving tests that favor analytic learners, like true and false or multiple choice exams.

Since your learning style is compatible with traditional teaching styles and you enjoy order, your biggest problem is getting frustrated.

An analytic learner may benefit from the following:

  • Ask for clear rules. You need clarity. Without rules, you might feel lost. (I kinda like rules. Without rules, there will be no order.)
  • Don’t get frustrated by opinions. Some students may offer opinions in class, especially the holistic learners who want to make comparisons! It is just their way of understanding, so don’t let it bother you.
  • Don’t worry about not finishing a task. You may not want to move on to a new task if something (like a lack of supplies) interferes with your work. Try not to get hung up. Sometimes it’s okay to move on and re-visit a project later.
  • Don’t worry if things don’t seem logical. We don’t make the rules sometimes. If you come across a rule that doesn’t make sense, don’t let it bother you to distraction.
  • Group your information. Analytic learners are good at categorizing information. Go ahead and place your information into categories. It will help you recall the information when you need it.
  • Sit in the front of the class, to avoid distractions. If you’re annoyed by rowdy or talkative students in the back of the class, try to sit where you won’t notice them. (I'll be so lonely if I sat in front. All my friends either sat in the middle or in the back. I like to sit in the back too. I really loved my place at the back of the classroom for the past 2 years. Very windy.)
  • Don’t worry about big concepts right away—give yourself time. If you’re reading a book or chapter and you don’t seem to be “getting the message,” give it time. You may need to know all the details first, and then put them together.
  • Take things step-by-step, but don’t get hung up. If you’re doing a math problem with an equation, don’t get hung up if you don’t understand a certain step. Take a leap of faith!
  • Ask for specific goal. Analytic learners may feel the need to understand the specific goal before they can get into a project. Go ahead and ask for clear goals if you need them.

Hope you discovered something about yourself! Enjoy learning!

Source: Analytic and Sequential Learning


pinksterz said...

you did categorizes things a lot to me. look at your labels. hehe.

Miss Positive said...

Haha! It's easy to put up the labels cos Blogger Beta has a really easy-to-use template. I can't use Blogger Beta to categorize my school work or even my room! It's a total mess. =D