Friday, January 19, 2007

Kissing: Part Two

I wish to continue from my previous post. Assume this is part 2 of my kissing post. =)

The website, which I went to suggested that we girls should dress right, smile, be friendly, and flirt in order to get a kiss. Am I right? Well, in my honest opinion, if we girls did all those things, I highly doubt that the boy would kiss us right away unless he was our boyfriend. We are not that straightforward in Malaysia. Heck, kissing in public is already against the law! Even if it’s only a small peck on the cheek given by a husband to his wife. It’s a different story if a couple was lip locking passionately in public. They should seriously get a room. Not a good view.

However, kissing can’t be all that wonderful since there is a kissing disease called mononucleosis.

Mononucleosis or mono can be spread through kissing because saliva is shared between the kissers. If you kiss someone who is infected with this disease, chances are you’ll get it too. When you get it, the symptoms are no different from flu symptoms so you will think you have caught the flu. If someone else sneezed or coughed and somehow their saliva flew over to you, you might get it too. The main point is: don’t try to get saliva from a mono infected person. No sharing straws or forks, spoons, etc.

When someone has mononucleosis, he or she will feel very tired; have fever, sore throat, no appetite, headaches, and swollen glands, skin rash, and abdominal pain. Hey, these symptoms are like those we have when we are ill with normal illnesses like flu or an allergy to something. Who would have thought that all this is have something to do with a kissing disease??? I’ve never heard of mononucleosis until now.

Great, there is NO cure for this disease. Nevertheless, it will go away by itself if you take extra good care of yourself when you were sick. A virus causes mono and you’ll get better in 3 to 4 weeks. No school, no sports, no vigorous physical activities, and yes, definitely NO kissing!

However, don’t give up kissing just because of this disease. Just take good care of your health. Remember to brush your teeth, chew some gum, eat an apple, take extreme good care of your personal hygiene, then it should not be a problem. See a doctor if you feel you have this disease.

Anyway, wanna find out if you are a good kisser? Take this test and check your results. I found out all the information above from Teenshealth.

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