Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Interview

Yesterday evening I went to the nearest mall cos I wanted to attend an interview. I decided I wanted to work at a famous (??? ok, make it well-known) fast-food place. 3 of my friends went too. My friend went to ask the staff at the counter when the interview would start and she told us to wait in the lobby.

Finally a tall fella appeared and we had to hand in our forms to him. He gave each of us a questionnaire and an answer sheet to mark our answers in. Wow! I didn't know we had to take a test just to work there. I was a cashier once and there weren't any test. I just went in for my interview, the interviewer shot a few questions, I answered as best as I can, and I got the job.

The questions were quite tough. No, not tough. They were plain tricky. All the answers seemed right. But if you study them carefully and think logically, you'll see that not all are acceptable. Then, you'll know which is wrong and which is right. The guy told us to answer as fast as we can. I guess discussing was not allowed but we sat so far away from him and we were all discussing our answers happily.

I also checked out the other candidates. There was one group of young punks who look like Mat Rempit people. Well, they can handle the delivery jobs then. Besides them, there were 2 other girls too.

After handing in our answers, we waited for our turns to be interviewed. The guy started off with the group of punks. Man, we waited for almost an hour for our turns to come. I wasn't sure how many people were in the group because when one fella left, another one appeared. It was like our turns will never come.

Finally, my turn came. The guy tried to speak English with me and well, I applaud his efforts for trying to speak the language. And the 'test' did not seem like a test at all. There were 45 questions. He told me that we only need to get 8 answers correct and we are considered for the job. 8? Out of 45? *shakes head* I wish STPM was like that too. If only, let's say, 10 out of 50 questions were correct, it's an A. Haha! I wish.

I can't work anyway, so even if I scored 45 out of 45, it won't be of any use.

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