Tuesday, January 30, 2007

9 Ways A Girl Can Make A Guy Happy

  1. Know how to sweet talk
  2. Know how to ambil hati [steal one's heart away (am I right?)]
  3. Must be romantic
  4. Good in kissing and making out
  5. Must be patient and be able to discuss problems without making it worse
  6. Know how to pujuk the guy and must be understanding
  7. Must be hardworking
  8. Cook delicious and scrumptious food
  9. Be kind hearted and friendly

Real guys gave these reasons. And the ways are not only restricted to 9 only. I just like the number. If any guys out there would like to give your opinions too, go ahead and suggest more.

I find some of the ways very funny. Really, guys can be demanding too!


Rauff said...

Well...tell me what can i do for them? :P

Miss Positive said...

Don't worry rauff. Look out for the next post.

Kamigoroshi said...

Are you sure that's not the other way round? Cause last I checked, that's what I do for girls all the time. Never hurts to actually listen to girls while you cook them dinner.

For girls to win a guy:
1. They got to be practical and calculative.
2. They got to appreciate geekiness (especially of gadgetry you won't use)
3. They got to know when to stop talking.
4. They got to know when to kick ass.

At least that's in my book though. It's to play the other side. Not the same side. :)

Miss Positive said...

To kamigoroshi:Haha! Good points you got there.

But those reasons are those that my guy and his brothers gave! I think the ways can apply to both sides. Nothing is wrong.

pinksterz said...

aiyah! you are turning into a doctor love nowadays! haha. joking.

you did all these to your boy ke?:D

Miss Positive said...

To pinksterz:Hahaha! I thought I'll have a little fun doing this.

He did suggest some of the ways. Maybe he's hinting for me to treat him better! =D

Nehring said...

Number 8 is critical. If you can make great Italian food you don't need to worry about numbers 1 & 3.

Miss Positive said...

Hi nehring, number 8 is also considered lucky according to Chinese beliefs.
Cos when 8 is said out loud in Cantonese, it sounds like another word, which means 'prosperous'.