Saturday, January 20, 2007

What Do You Do When You Are Online?

All right…I’ve been visiting blogs of all kinds for the past hour. Yeah, I went to the really famous ones too like 5x Mom, XiaXue and the like. Many people must be asking them all the time questions like, ‘Why is your blog so popular???’ or ‘How come your blog is so popular? Mind sharing some tips please?’ Why this, why that, how this, how that, blah, blah, blah.

These blogs and others write about everything and anything. Duh, that’s what they are supposed to do in order to attract readers of different interests. I got bored after some blogs because what they wrote did not interest me at all or the font was too small and difficult to read. Some blogs are just plain BORING! No offense. I’m guessing there are people who think my blog is boring. Oh well, that’s too bad then.

I told my mom about Singaporean blogger, XiaXue and her popularity. I showed my mom her blog too. Her first remark was, ‘Oh, no wonder.’ Then, she continued, ‘Her visitors must be young men who plan to try to marry her.’ Haha! My mom is quite a conservative person and modern world and culture shock her at times.

So, are young guys out there look for young and pretty female bloggers? It’s possible. In fact, it might be wholly true. I read in the newspapers that on MySpace, guys go there to flirt while girls go there to catch up with long-lost friends. See the difference? It must be natural for guys to flirt all the time.

When I first joined the IRC community of online chatting a few years back and if my nickname indicated I was female, I had numerous guys starting conversations with me. As usual, the first thing they ask is ‘asl?’ (Age, sex, location) The next thing they’ll ask is, ‘Are you open-minded?’ Ugh. Then I know that they are looking for partners to indulge in cyber sex or sex talk. I usually leave them.

Now that there’s the Internet, nobody needs to have face-to-face talks about sex, as most people are shy when it comes to this subject. They can just go online and talk sex with anyone.

Once, my friend and I went to a cyber café to go online. There are private booths in cyber cafes don’t they? Well, there was a bespectacled guy in the booth next to my friend’s. She told me she saw him grab his balls! Hard! Haha! It was funny when she told me about it. I was sitting opposite her and I could see his face but at that time, I didn’t know what he was doing. His was fixed on the computer screen that’s all. You can already guess what he’s looking at.

Well, different people, different interest online. Enough said.


pinksterz said...

my top fave list of bloggers:

kakicucuklangit(despite his perv mind, he got talent to make you burst out laughing!)

marina said...

Hello there Miss Sunshine :)

When I'm online, I'd just zone out in my bookmarks with websites of celebrity gossip. But its getting boring lately with all the repetitive news ... hehe... I should be doing something more constructive.

But most of the times, I'd blog and surf through different blogs. :)

Miss Positive said...

To pinksterz: Hmmm, I've never read kakicucuklangit before. I'll go there soon.

To marina: Hi there Marina,yeah, now I visit blogs mostly too. There are thousands out there! =D