Tuesday, January 30, 2007

9 Ways A Guy Can Make A Girl Happy

  1. Shower her with compliments. Tell her she looks pretty in that dress or she smells nice (when she’s using perfume, of course or even when she's sweating and she really smells heavenly!).
  2. Buy her presents. Give her things you know she will like. If you are broke, you can always give her something hand-made. She will surely appreciate the effort put into it. It’s the thought that counts, as the clichéd proverb goes.
  3. Pamper her when she is sick.
  4. Tell her you miss her and that you are thinking of her when both of you have not seen each other for a while. Even if it’s only for a few hours!
  5. Hold her hand firmly when you are out together. Give her your full attention. Make as though she’s the only person you see although there are 100 other people around you.
  6. Crack jokes to make her laugh.
  7. Take her to lunch/dinner at her favourite eating outlet.
  8. When you are across the room from her and both of you are talking with other people, steal glances at her. When both of you make eye contact, smile.
  9. Say sorry when both of you are in a fight and it’s also clearly your fault. If it’s hers, wait for her to apologize. If she does not make the first move, you do it. This shows you really like her!

These are merely my opinions. Girls out there, please throw in some suggestions too!


esther said...

on top of all that, be sincere in what you're doing... don't do it for the sake of it..

(that's my opinion).. =)

Miss Positive said...

Hi Esther, thanks for coming.

I agree with you that sincerity is the main thing. Well said.

Kamigoroshi said...

Most importantly are about patience, persistance and keeping a cool head.

Most people fail at the last 2 simply because they aren't doing it for themselves. They are doing it to impress the girl.

Jen said...

its all ought to be instinctive i suppose. my list would be 3 times as long. but hey, thats just me =P

Miss Positive said...

To kamigoroshi:Well, I guess all of us should learn to be more patient and think rationally. But people can be very persistent too!

To jen:Hello Jen, thanks for commenting. Yup, your list would be much different or longer than mine. Everybody has different expectations. =) Good luck with yours though!