Monday, January 15, 2007

Boyfriends & Girlfriends

2 years ago, if I ever saw a couple walking past, holding hands ever so tightly, looking at each other in a sickening lovey-dovey way, I'd almost throw up. =D Like I said, almost. Haha! Why? Cos I was a single and independent young lady, that's why. I didn't know why couples are like that. I didn't understand in the first place. Until I joined the club.

I knew my guy since we were kids. Around 7. We attended Sunday school together. Well, not exactly together. We were in the same class that's all and we barely talked.

Fast forward many years later. We only started to know each other better when we were 17. Guess the sparks flew then. =)

What's it like having a boyfriend? Does it feel like walking on air? Do you feel happy, joyful and dreamy all the time? Do you always think of him no matter what you are doing at the moment?

Different people may have different answers.

There are other questions that people in relationships may ask themselves too. Like: Does he really love me? Does he mean it when he says I Love You? What if he liked someone else? Was he staring at that girl? Does he think of other girls?

You may think that life is easier when you are in a relationship. Truthfully, things get more complicated. It seems beautiful in the beginning, all bed of roses and everything. Once you get to know each other better, it either gets better or worse. Both of you need to communicate, that's the most important thing in a relationship. Communication. Without it, nothing will ever work out between the both of you.

Talk to each other. Tell them what you like about them. Tell them what you don't like about them. Don't suffer in silence and expect your other half to know what's wrong with you. Guys can be so blur at times. Sorry, guys..... =/ You need to tell him! And I'm sure they would want you to tell them if anything was wrong too. They'll appreciate it.

Spend time with each other and get to know each other. I'm stressing on communication here.

Giving each other space to do what you and he want to do is also advisable. You can't be together all the time. You might get sick of each other. =D In fact, both of you will miss each other's company and when both of you are together again, it'll be lovely.

Anyway, I'm sure there are other aspects to consider in a successful relationship too. I can't think of others now. If you have anything to add in, feel free to share with others.

Now, I don't almost throw up when I see other couples. I even smile when I see couples sedang berdating (dating) at the field in front of my home. I don't spy on them though!

Good night everybody.

~Make love, not war~


Edrei said...

The trick always is, never compare your relationship to others while at the same time learning from what has happened before.

I've reached the point where for me, being in cloud-9 is the fastest ticket to ending a relationship. It's easier to fall when you realize you got nothing holding you up.

Relationships are something that builds up. Trust, compromise, sacrifices, and good ol fashioned working together takes years to forge. The only thing that stands between that and then is the practicality of the relationship. Why be in it?

Love is good, but it never is enough. At least not out there, beyond the picket fence where putting food on the table and a roof over your head is just the beginning of your problems. It makes having a working relationship easy by comparison. We're the ones that just like to complicate things.

Miss Positive said...

Very well said, edrei, very well said and I agree with you. It's no use comparing relationships with that of others. Each individual is unique and the way he/she shows love for the loved one is special and doesn't have to be the same like others.

All I know and am sure of is talking with your boy/girl. It really helps to smooth things out.

Thanks for giving your opinion, edrei.