Sunday, January 21, 2007

An Afternoon At The Mall

My mom wanted to go shopping with me today. So, we went.

Boy, was the shopping mall crowded!!! Then, I realized that it was a Sunday and since everybody had nothing better to do on Sunday, they decided to hit the mall too. Car parks were full and there was hardly any space to walk in the mall.

My mom wanted to look at shoes. I looked at shoes too and spotted a gorgeous pair of black heels. I tried it on and I went, ‘Damn! It looked so good on me!’ But I’m quite broke and could not afford to buy it. Moreover, I bought a new pair of shoes only last month. My mom would not buy for me too as I spent quite a lot on clothes for last year’s Christmas already. =(

When I got bored of all the shoes there, I just stood around and studied the people in the vicinity.

Well, the promoters consisted mostly of teenagers, probably students who had finished their SPM or STPM. Many of them were guys anyway. Some were cute. Some were pitiful.

Then there was this middle-aged man talking to another woman in a loud voice and gesturing wildly with his hands. They were standing near a shoe display. Therefore, nobody could go look at the shoes there because these two were dominating the area. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they could not care less for the other shoppers.

There were quite a number of grandpas and grandmas too. I guess their children brought them shopping. They looked bored anyway.

Many girls love to wear halter necks with plunging necklines, barebacked blouses, micro-mini shorts and other eye-popping clothes. They think they look like supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss or even the girls from S.H.E.. Some look good in what they wear, as their skin is nice and smooth but some………...ah, it’s an eyesore. If your back is full of red ugly spots, oh please, spare us from the awful view. Either you clean up your back or don’t wear backless tops anymore! Do you think you are going to attract guys with that spotty back?

Besides that, I spotted an obese-looking small girl picking her nose. Haha! I guess this is almost a normal view already.

Then, there was this 30-something Chinese lady who seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere. I bumped into her accidentally and it was not a really violent bump. She only made a sound to show she was tremendously irritated and did not bother to say sorry. I looked at her and said sorry loudly but she just walked away. How rude! These people should brush up on their manners.

What else did I see? Okay, some promoters can be so blur. I asked a tall guy promoter where could I pay for some cards that I wanted to buy. He looked at me for a while then he slowly pointed to a direction. I asked, ‘There?’ He just nodded in a bored way. Definitely an F in people skills.

We went to Popular, too. When we chose the books that we wanted to buy, I queued up to pay for them at the counter. There were 2 Chinese girls standing in front of me. I assume that they are sisters and their father was standing near them.

They were talking loudly in broken English. Okay, it’s good that they are speaking the language. Good for them. But sometimes when some people speak English loudly and their English is damn broken, I feel like they are somewhat trying to show off. The main language here is Mandarin or Malay, so English is not common. When someone speaks English, people go like, ‘Wow! Pandai speaking la…’ I guess this is the reaction some people expect if they speak English.

I was typing a message on my handphone and their dad was, like, looking at what I was typing. I eyed him sideways and he turned away. What a Kay po chi! (kay po chi = busybody)

The mall is a place to see all kinds of people. If you want to spice up your day, head off to the mall.

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