Monday, January 15, 2007

What Course Do I Go To???

The STPM results may come around March right? I'm only guessing but usually, all exam results will be released around that time. Ahh....I hope I don't fail anything! *crosses fingers*

Now, since I'm so free, I scour the newspapers every day to see if I happen to spot a course that I would like to study. Since I was in the Science stream, it makes sense for me to continue studying something in the Science field. The thing is: will my Science subjects' results be good? I truly doubt I'll get a fairly good score in Chemistry. I only hope to pass that dreadful subject. =D

I am certainly not interested in cutting up more rats. The rat dissection was disgusting at the thought of it. I salute everyone who managed to cut up their rat and explored the insides. When the teacher was briefing us about it, I thought I couldn't do it. I made up my mind to let my partner do everything! Haha! Yeah, I felt really freaked out. Finally, it was time to make the rats go to sleep.

A Muslim classmate said a prayer for them too, at the teacher's request.Then, we had to pick a rat. I looked into the bin at the pile of sleeping, drugged rats. I gingerly put my hand in the bin and took one by its tail. My hand was literally shaking but I did it. I held the rat into the lab and dunked it into some liquid, I don't know what liquid it was, and took it to my table where my partner and I laid out the rat into the required position.

After that, the cutting up began. It was supposed to be smelly but I didn't put on any mask. Not that smelly after all.

So, what do I learn next? Which university should I apply to? I was thinking of learning English or going into Mass Communications. Maybe something like Journalism or Broadcasting. Too bad I can't learn everything at once. A little bit of science, a little bit of English.

How is Pharmacy like? I gotta get more information on this.

I like Math too. But I'm not interested in problem solving kind of questions. I hate Vector. I like Paper 1 of Math T. My favourites were Integration, Differentiation, Matrices, Numbers and Sets, and maybe Probability. You need time to do Math. Well, to me, I need time. What kind of job needs Math? Engineering?

Okay. I'll go back to deciding the RIGHT course, which I'll have a lot of INTEREST in.


Princess Shin said...

Haha.. i know how you feel.. i finish my STPM in 2005 and i didn't have any idea what i was gonna do with my life.. i was from science stream too.. confusing stage that was.. but after much soul searching, I'm gonna go US this aug to take liberal arts. Your results will be out around march. Early march presumebly. But now the time to really do some research. Get as much information from education fairs as possible. Ask bout various courses. What do they learn, how is it like.. etc.. You plan to go to the local uni? Good luck oh.. contact me again if you need advice! =)

Miss Positive said...

Hi princess shin, thanks! OK, I'll check out as many universities and courses available. I still have about 2 months of searching to do. =D

Thanks again for your advice. Enjoy US!