Sunday, February 11, 2007

Was so bored....and I tried this:

discover your inner candy heart @ quiz me

I don't know if it's even accurate or not. I've never really believed in all this stuff anyway. I'm only doing it all for fun and also out of boredom!!! Man, boredom sucks big time!

I'm so not in the mood to read anything! I'm a little tired but I don't even have the mood to hit the sack.

Do you know anyone who was mean to you? Have you been mean to anyone? I think all of us are mean at some point in our lives. Yeah, you and me. Being mean to others. And being absolutely selfish too. I came across selfish people in real life and in cyber world too.

If you do good to people, then do you expect them to reciprocate your kindness? Or do you just brush it off and forget it? Or do you sit and curse them till you are out of breath?

Sometimes, I'm so fed up of being nice to people. Cos some people take things for granted and are not appreciative at all.

Ah, what's the point of me writing all this? Whatever happens, nobody is going to stop being mean. This is a dog eat dog world after all.


pinksterz said...

be nice to those who is nice to you.

for me if someone is a bitch to me, then they will definitely get what they had been asking for. i am bad at giving forgiveness.

Miss Positive said...

Wow! Haha! You are one mean person too! Hehe.... Sometimes, it's better to be mean la.