Monday, February 26, 2007

Stupid cops!

Today was supposed to be a great day for a satisfactory shopping trip at Queensbay Mall. Everything was quite well before we reached there. Well, not everything. My guy's dad used his bike to go to work and so he's stuck with his dad's bike. And there are none of those 'P' plates hung at the front and back of the bike. Not like I've noticed it anyway. I just wanted to get to the mall. Plus, when I was on his dad's bike, my left foot was vibrating away on the bike pedal or whatever where you put your legs on.

Well, finally we reached the parking lot for motorcycles. My dear guy did not bother to follow the sign and used a shortcut instead. Well, both of us missed out 2 'chilaka' cops talking/'samaning' 2 other girls who probably went in the same way we did. My guy saw them too late and tried to ride away quickly but the Indian cop saw us and called out to us to stop.

The cops were quite arrogant too, like most cops are. As if we were totally dependent on them. One of them even asked my guy to open up the bike seat so he can look what's inside it. What did he expect to find? Drugs? Weapons? Ugh.

Sure enough, my guy was slapped with a fine of RM300 for not hanging up the stupid 'P' signs and for coming in the wrong way. I mean, it's not his fault that his dad decided to take off with his bike. Haih! What luck! RM300 thrown away because of those stupid cops.

Okay, okay, I know that it's partly our fault. Not partly. Mostly. Well, my guy's fault. Hehe...I'm so cruel. I wanted to go to Q Mall and he wanted to take me there to make me happy. And because of it, he had to lose some money. Ah, I feel so guilty too. =(

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