Friday, February 2, 2007

Debit Cards

I think I’ve learnt a lot last night and today. I’m having trouble activating/verifying my Paypal account. Now, I cannot even accept payments! I do not wish to deny them either. The only way is to get either a credit card or a debit card.

I’m not earning big bucks so I don’t want a credit card. I’m not willing to go into debts as I can be a huge spender and having a credit card will only make it worse. My parents will never allow me to have a credit card while I’m still studying anyway.

Luckily last night I learnt more about debit cards and it’s much better than credit cards. It requires the holder to have a minimum of RM25 in the account. If anything less than this amount, then sorry, no spending allowed. I hope tomorrow is a working day, (1st Saturday) so that I can apply for one at the bank.

I am going to apply for a Public Bank Visa Electron debit card. I would appreciate if anyone who has applied for this card before to share something here. If nobody, it’s okay. Thank you.

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