Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Friendster, Facebook, Facebox, Multiply, what next?

What’s up with all these online social networks springing up everywhere? One or two isn’t aren’t enough but there are so many out there! Friendster! Facebook! Facebox! Ringo! Hi5! Multiply! MySpace! Bebo! It’s endless, I should think.

I’m only active in Friendster and it does take a huge amount of time just to take part in it. Then, my friends started introducing other social networks to me and inviting me to join them. Okay, I thought it’d be something new and fun and different from Friendster. But it is all the almost the same actually. Only the design, layouts, services, tools or whatever differ from one another.

I just found out there’s a network called Bebo. I only knew about it today through a search on Google.

And most of the people on these networks are about the same. They snap pictures of themselves, post them on their profile sites, and write that they are not pretty or handsome while in their photos; they pose as seducing as they can. I got sick of Friendster because of this. Well, whatever. They can do anything they want.

But if some psycho stalker stalks them, then they get scared and complain. Well, it’s partly their fault as they are not secretive about themselves and their lives. They happily reveal just about everything to the world. It’s fine if they want to update their family and friends on what they are doing but not too much. It’s for your own safety.

Well, guess it’s enough. I’ll just go and drop by in Friendster. =)


pinksterz said...

i am gonna give you a long comment this time. lol. starting with:

you forgot another one. TAGGED!

i joined it because i am getting sick with getting invitation emails in my inbox. so many. and after joining there is no more of that. finally a peaceful life. and it is annoying the way they put the words:

please respond or XXX might think you don't think him/her as your friend.

*or something like that. haha*

friendster is definitely addictive. it is more old school than myspace and others. but i prefer it than myspace. i used to have an account in myspace but i think it got deleted adie. haha.

but those seducing people are getting to the most popular list. so they can't complain for that. your action - it is either got you pay for it or you get paid for it.

Miss Positive said...

Very well said, very well said.

Oh yeah, I got tagged too by Tagged. Haha! I didn't join yet. Actually, I don't think I can join cos I couldn't even open the page! Not meant to join, I think. =)

Kamigoroshi said...

Well there is always MyBlogLog, that's more blog orientated, then again, it is set to be the next best thing.

Miss Positive said...

I think MyBlogLog is quite different from the others. And it increases traffic to blogs too.