Wednesday, February 14, 2007

9 Ways on How NOT to annoy your next-door neightbour!

  1. DO NOT play loud, blaring, hard rock music in the middle of the night and also in the afternoon. This is the time when people and babies need to sleep.
  2. When conversing with friends or family members outside your house, please do not talk so loud. It’s difficult to read a book or to watch TV with all that loud voices rumbling on.
  3. Make sure your kids don’t pee in the drains. The smell stinks!
  4. When your visitors drop by your house, please let them park in front of YOUR house and not blocking other people’s houses. Your neighbours need to get their cars out or in too.
  5. Please ensure your garden is clean and tidy. We do not want to be suspicious of snakes or anything else hiding in those tall grasses!
  6. Please be neighbourly. If an unknown person comes to steal your dear neighbour’s shoes, at least call for help or scare the robber away and not just run into your home and shut the door. I know robbers these days are fierce and vicious but don’t be such a chicken!
  7. Don’t walk around naked or stare into the mirror 100 times a day. It annoys the neighbour behind your house.
  8. If you want to get a dog, make sure it’s not a noisy one. We certainly don’t want dogs that bark at everybody!
  9. Just stop being annoying. Thank you.


Mossie`Ol Chin said...


i said i'd give you a rose if i see you didn't i?

Jen said...

Definitely one to print and post up for the rukun tetangga booth ;)

Miss Positive said...

Hi, and no I don't recall you saying such a thing.

RandomEncounters said...

This is so funny! And good to know, we hope to be moving soon, so now we know what not to do!!

Miss Positive said...

Jen: Hey, good idea! But must translate into Bahasa Melayu.

RandomEncounters: Good luck with your new neighbours then! =)

-Princess Shin- said...

Hear Hear!!! Some neighbours can be so inconsiderate!

I have added u too! =)

Emma said...

Heyhey... excellent advice. :)

Miss Positive said...

To princess shin: Hey there, princess, thanks!

To emma: Haha! Excellent advice to be an excellent neighbour.