Sunday, February 11, 2007

9 Things to do when you are hopelessly bored:

What do you do when you have nothing to do? Stare blankly at the wall? Bug your parents or brothers or sisters or cat? Well, I've just compiled a list of what you can do when you think there is totally nothing worth doing. If you don't like my suggestions, then so be it. You are welcome to give your ideas too. There's nothing more fun than different ideas from different people.

  1. Curl up snugly in a corner and enjoy your favourite book. Have some snacks next to you to munch on.
  2. Take a bus or train to the mall for some window-shopping. (Note: take a bus and not drive a car. You’ll be exercising and also to get your heart pumping!)
  3. Drag a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend to watch a movie. If no one is available, then browse through your CDs and DVDs and watch a movie by yourself. It’s fun too!
  4. Go online, create a blog and let words portray your thoughts and opinions. It’s time to voice out and create havoc in cyber world. Or if you are sick of the Internet, write in your diary. Make sure no one sees what you are writing though.
  5. Wanna let out the artist in you? Dig out your paints and let the colours flow.
  6. Sleep. Best of all, it’s free.
  7. Help with the housework. Feel satisfied when you have cleaned something utterly dirty.
  8. Bake a cake. Bake cookies. Bake brownies. Make some jellies. Be Jamie Oliver for a day.
  9. Call up old friends to catch up on gossip or just for a chat.


relax said...

Flirt. in the bus, train, bar or even at shopping malls. if cannot find a guy to flirt, a girl is fun as well

Miss Positive said...

Okay.....I'd prefer flirting with a guy. It'd be uncomfortable to flirt with a girl!

Relax said...

they say its nicer to kiss a girl

I disagree with u, I prefer girls :P (i am a guy)

*gives u a kiss*

Miss Positive said...

Haha! Thanks but I'm taken. =) And of course it's nicer for a guy to kiss a girl.

pinksterz said...

whoa! something's going on in this comment box. thee hee hee.

11. put in comment like this on someone's (okay yours) blog.

how's that?


Irene said...

Sigh! I sure wish I had more time to do the stuff on your list...especially No. 6. Life's just been so hectic these days.

I'm liking your blog. Keep at it! =)

Miss Positive said...

Miss pinksterz: Hey, nothing going on la... =p Oh yeah, good one. Comment on people's blogs!

Irene: Hi Irene, sleep is one of my favourite moments. No matter how busy I am, I will always try to find the time for a snooze. I hope you can find the time too! =)