Sunday, February 11, 2007

I thought I was addicted to the Internet!

Really, I thought I had a serious problem. I was always waiting for the moment where I'd have finished up all my chores and just hop in my chair and go online! Then, the first thing I'd do online is open up my MSN and check my inbox. After that, I'd check on my blogs.

Anyway, I came across this quiz site and caught sight of a title of a quiz.

The title: Are you Addicted to the Internet?

Of course I had to take this quiz! Well, I took it and here is the result:


Newbie (21% - 40%)
You've started to learn that there is more to the internet than AOL. You've recovered from that email virus that wiped your hard drive and are thinking of getting DSL. You still tend to forward too many jokes and inspirational thoughts via email to your entire address book.

The Quiz at Quiz Meme!

They calling me a newbie??? Hmmm, like I said, all these tests are not exactly accurate. Okay, the image is not completely complete. Wonder what's wrong with the HTML or maybe Blogger...

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