Saturday, February 24, 2007

I don't wanna throw things away. Especially things I'm attached to.

I was clearing my desk the other day because it's simply cluttered with bits of papers, junk and whatnot. I took them out and wanted to sort out the ones I can keep and which ones I can chuck. Well, old prepaid cards were definitely the first to go into the bin and all those store receipts too. I still don't understand why I haven't got rid of them away earlier.

Then, there were my old test papers, exercise books, and all those school stuff. Oh, I haven't the heart to just throw them away. Even though they gave me lots of headaches in my school years, I still don't want to part with them. Haha! Do you sometimes feel the same?

No wonder my junk keeps piling up! Everything seemed quite sentimental to me. I still keep birthday and Christmas cards from 1996. Well, I have a big excuse to keep though. They do bring lots of nice, childish memories. I might keep them till the day I die.

My mom and sis keep telling me to clean, sweep, and mop my room. And those books! I should keep wiping them and check them for silverfish. My mom said I might have breathing difficulties since I was breathing in all those dust! And I'm quite allergic to dust. How ironic.

Actually, the 'junk' are actually books. There are many books in my room and they're collecting dust. No, I won't throw or sell those Enid Blytons away nor my Sweet Valley Junior High books. Oh yeah, I know you are probably smirking now. Wipe that smirk off your face! I admit I like Sweet Valley books, okay? Haha! The SVJH ones do make me laugh and I am amused by Jessica's crazy antics.

Well, at least I know what not to throw. And the others: Off to the bin!


pinksterz said...

enid blyton's?

i am a fan too when i was a kid. and nothing to be smirked with being a SVJH fan instaed of SVH.

even my friends prefer SVJH.

Miss Positive said...

Well, nice to meet another fan then! Haha!

Jen said...

enid blyton kickstarted my love for reading. got a lot to thank her for. i've never read a single SVH book because i was never interested in the genre. so i'll just shut up about that one then =)

ooo i seem to have found another pack-rat. i can never throw away anything. they all have some sort of special memory to me! even if it was just some random moment. drives my mum nuts.

Miss Positive said...

Wow, first person I've met who never read SVH! Haha! Most of my friends read at least one or two of them but I'm not sure if there were fans or not.

Yup, you said it. They are like gold to me. Can't bear to part with them. It drives my mom nuts too! Haha!