Monday, February 5, 2007

Calm Down When You Are Angry

What do you do when you are angry? Most importantly, what do you do if you are hopelessly angry with your parents??? Do you scream at them? Do you break down and cry in front of them? Or do you simply rush into your room and slam the door as hard as possible?

Truthfully, I don’t do any of the things I mentioned above. I’m not allowed to do anyway. I don’t even consider doing them under any circumstances. This is because:

  • If I scream at them, they will say I’m being insolent or rude to my elders. Plus, they will make me miserable by making threats or try to make me feel guilty. They always succeed in making me feel guilty by the way.
  • I seldom cry in front of them. If I absolutely cannot control myself, then only I will break down.
  • I do rush to my room at times but I don’t slam the door. It will only invite more trouble for me.

Now if I’m angry, I try to control my temper and myself. I cannot burst out and retaliate. No, it would not do for me. I’ll only get into more trouble. What I can do is not to look at them, breathe really, really hard, and clench my fists tightly. Haha! Yeah, it works for me for the moment. If not, I’ll just go to my room and pretend to go to sleep. Then, I’ll silently cry my heart out. I’ll feel a lot better after squeezing all those angry tears out.

It’s also quite healthy to be angry once in a while. I don’t know why but I read it once somewhere.

All those movies and shows you see on TV where the teenagers get to yell and slam all the doors they want while their parents only look exasperated or incredulously helpless? Well, those are only fiction to me. My parents are not like those parents who can’t control their kids. I don’t understand why in such shows they make the kids so superior. It’s all fiction.

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pinksterz said...

i eat a lot. chos and ice creams.

i lock myself in my room.

i refuse to talk to anyone. or that particular person.

even dummies can get this and know that i am angry at them, but there are donkeys i recently met who don't have any clue they pissed me off.