Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just another Tuesday

My neck is aching from lack of movement. Haha! I've been staring at the computer screen since 10.30am and it's almost 1pm now. But before I go, I might as well write something down here.

Well, my mom had forcefully told me to limit my Internet time to only 3 hours a day. 3 hours??? What can I do in only 3 hours on the computer? Hah! But, that's how my life is. Since I was online almost 24 hours a day, I guess my mom could not stand me being almost lifeless, sitting in front of the computer and tapping away on the keyboard in an almost robotic manner.

She asked me if I had anything else to do besides going online. Um, yeah. I read books, wash the clothes, and clean the dishes too. Of course I have other things to do. Haha! I just like to be online because I can get really lost in this world of unlimited information, blogs, websites, and so on.

I am also quite sick of websites and blogs that are trying to help people make money online. They are about the same - same tips, same recommended websites, same broken English... Okay, I do admit that some of their tips are fabulous and wonderful and....I can't follow all of them actually. I'm not a patient person and I don't stick to one thing for long. Sad, huh?

Anyway, I better get my butt off now. Oh, I have two new movies to watch. Babel and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I've wanted to watch Super Ex-Girlfriend for a long time already and finally, I have the movie! Yeah, gotta go!


Gallivanter said...

Super Ex-GF's so-so...Babel's nice, though it's pretty disjointed...try to get your hands on Pan's Labyrinth, and Apocalypto (if you're above 21)...haha! :-)

Miss Positive said...

Thanks, but Super Ex-Girlfriend is funny! Oh, must be above 21 to watch Apocalypto? Looks like I've a couple more years to go!

pinksterz said...

you are on9 24 hours a day? but never saw you on msn also? haha.

playing offline eh?=P

and yes, 3 hours a day on the net id kinda short. and guess how long is my time being limited per day (by my senior)?

1 hour only! *sigh*

-Princess Shin- said...

You have been taged!

Miss Positive said...

pinksterz: Oh, MSN rarely lah...hehe...

1 hour only? Aiyo, lagi tak cukup for me!

-princess shin-: Hello. Okay, will check out your site!