Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Budget camera RM499???

Last night, my friend invited me to go bowling today with her. We haven't met for a long time and I was quite excited to hang out with her again. I hadn't bowled for a while too and I wanted to refresh my skills. =) I'm a bad bowler nor am I very good either. Occasionally, I manage to get a strike or a spare.

Well, when we reached the bowling alley, I saw that it was almost full and the lanes were mostly occupied. Today is a Wednesday and I remembered that I came on a Wednesday before and the bowling alley was full. Many students were there, clad in their club T-shirts. My friend inquired the guy at the counter and he said that the lanes will only be available at 2 pm. It was around 12 pm that time. So we ditched out bowling plan and went loitering around the mall.

My friend wanted to look at mobile phones so we went to the various kiosks there. I noticed that the same kind of phone was sold at different prices at different shops. It was a Nokia 6070, if I'm not mistaken. It's a camera phone and it caught my attention. One shop sold it at RM465,another one sold it at RM420 while one more offered it at RM410! What's all this???

Then, I also checked out the digital cameras. Yesterday, in InTech of The Star, there was an article about Canon's Powershot A460 budget camera. I was wondering what the price would be and since it mentioned that it was after all, a budget camera, I assumed the price would not be that high. I saw it at a shop and enquired the price. It was a whopping RM499 if it's from Japan. The salesman said I could buy it at RM439 if it's from China.

I'm not planning to purchase anything yet. I'm just looking around checking out the prices. Hmm, I've searched for the prices on the Internet but they did not display the prices. Guess they didn't want to shock people. All in all, when I've got the cash, I'll consider getting it and then I can snap away!


pinksterz said...

nokia got three different manufacturers from what i heard.

the original one.
the original malaysian one.
the none original one.

that's y got three different prices.

if yo were thinking of getting one at a good price i suggest the second one. it's as good as the first one only thing is it is manufactured locally.

it's up to you! :D

anyway, what's the megapixel of the camera for it?

Miss Positive said...

Wow, thanks for the information! It's very useful and now I know why the prices differ.

The camera has 5 megapixels.