Saturday, February 3, 2007

Helluva Good Hindi Movie

I went out this morning in the scorching sun to make my card. Then, I came back, washed up, and plumped myself in front of the TV. My mom wanted to watch a Hindi movie. =)

It started at 12.30pm but we only started watching at 1.30pm. Never mind. The movie is until 3 pm so we still had time to watch it. The minute I watched it, I was already interested in it.

Tarang killed another guy who tried to rape his best friend, Sargam. He treats Sargam like his wife because he’s head over heels in love with her and plans to marry her. Unfortunately, Sargam does not love him back. Anyway, Tarang was sent to jail for murder.

He has a lawyer, Raj. When Tarang was in the middle of a session with his psychiatrist, Raj burst into the room, shouting at him and accusing him of truly murdering another guy. Suddenly, Tarang became violent. He apparently suffers from a split personality and Raj plans to present this violent behaviour of Tarang in court. Tarang was released and put into a mental hospital for treatment.

It’s not the end yet. Tarang decided to reveal himself to Raj. He was actually pretending to have a split personality. He said he read about this disorder in his kampung’s (village or hometown) library. From that moment on, he and Raj became enemies. Raj is also in love with Sargam and he does not wish for the killer to walk away freely too.

When Tarang was proclaimed well and fit to leave the mental hospital already, he went back home, looking forward to see Sargam again. But, he did not control himself and hit Yana. I don’t know who Yana is but she had asked Tarang to think if Sargam is actually in love with him or if he is only imagining that she loved him. Thus, he became angry and hit Yana terribly. Sargam came home and saw Yana in all that blood. When Tarang asked her if she loved him, she answered yes shakily. What a possessive guy.

There was lots of action after that. A lot of chasing, shooting, crying, dancing, staring, threatening, etc. Finally, the police want Tarang again. Raj is also really trying his best to capture the guilty guy and throw him into jail. He also wants for the girl he loves to be safe too. Safe in his arms.

It’s quite a sad story. Tarang really thought Sargam loved and cared for him. But she only regarded him as her best friend. They were childhood friends. At the end of the show, Tarang apparently fell to his death. He dropped into the sea but his body was never found. I think he did not die. Raj and Sargam got married I guess.

If Tarang were still alive, I bet he’d continue to pursue Sargam. But the show came to an end. We’ll never know what happened.

Can someone tell me what is the title of this movie? The Star printed the wrong movie in the TV guide. This Hindi show was aired today, Feb 3 2007, Saturday, on TV2 at 12.30pm. It was supposed to finish at 3.00pm but ended at 3.25pm.


pinksterz said...

you love hindi too?

but the characters sound so tamil-ish.

Miss Positive said...

Hindi's okay. No, I don't think they sound Tamil-ish. Can hear the difference la. =)

pinksterz said...

i mean their names. hehe.

Miss Positive said...

Hi pinksterz, I don't know about their names as I don't watch Tamil shows. But I noticed that in Hindi shows, they tend to use the same names over & over again. I think Shah Rukh Khan used the name Rahul & Raj lots of times in his movies!