Friday, December 21, 2007

Which wireless broadband service to use?

I've been searching the Internet for more information on Maxis wireless broadband. From the Maxis website, everything looks nice and clear and to me, it all seem inviting. Cos I'm desperate to connect to the Internet!

However, at my pal's place, there's no fixed phone and we don't intend to get one. That's why I think I'll resort to using wireless broadband services. So now, Maxis and Celcom are my options.

Then, somebody blogged that Maxis broadband doesn't work really well if you were to live in a condominium or apartment higher than the 4th floor. Does that imply to everybody who happens to stay on the 4th floor or higher?

And I've been reading about some 'hidden' charges by Maxis. I thought I'll go ahead with their Starter plan for only RM68 a month. There's a 30-day trial too. All seem pretty easy right? Unfortunately, many people complained about their wireless service.

What about Celcom broadband? Is it any good? Will there be interruptions if one were to go online in an apartment and staying higher than the 4th floor?

Any advice would be highly appreciated!


amos said...

You should consider izzi is you are staying on high floors. They are pretty good.

Miss Positive said...

I can't use izzi cos I'm staying in Penang. It's only available in KL right?