Friday, December 21, 2007

How does TMNet Prepaid card work?

Recently I purchased a TMNet Prepaid Start up card online (RM30) and thought that I could go online at my friend's place. No, there's no telephone line so I could not use dial-up or even have Streamyx there. I thought with TMNet prepaid, I could surf the Internet!

But no. I think in order to use the prepaid card, we need a phone or I should go to a TMNet Hotspot area! Argh! I just wanna go online at my friend's place where I'm staying for a while. They did say that we could online anytime and ANYWHERE!!!

And what's the use of this prepaid card if I were to go to some Hotspot area? Like Starbucks for example. I thought that I can buy a cup of coffee and then I'll be able to access the Internet automatically. Is that how it works? I'm not sure cos I haven't tried before.

I was thinking about Maxis broadband but it's RM128 a month! That's so expensive! But, I think that that is really anytime and ANYWHERE!

I gotta find out more about these stuff.

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