Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2nd floor = Excellent Connection!

Now, I'm at another apartment elsewhere on the second floor and the connection is really fast! This is what I'm talking about. This is the promised 3.6Mbps. I guess this area is heavily covered with the 3G thing.

Huh...don't tell me that I cannot use this modem thingy on the 5th floor! Sigh....

Never mind. Let me enjoy the extra excellent connection now. =)


zul mache said...

Hi Miss Positive,
I was hopping you resolve the problem with Maxis broadband connection. Do you change any setting in your USB datacard; since you managed to get an excellent connection at this apartment? If the setting is the same, than may be your apartment is out of 3G coverage area.

If you fix any setting in your USB datacard, why not post what you did so as other people with same problem might be able solve their connection problem as well.

Miss Positive said...

Hi zul, no, I haven't changed any setting in the datacard (I don't even know how!). I only tried surfing with it at different locations.

Anyway, I chatted with someone else who's using this Maxis USB modem too. He said that if I were to surf the Net on the 4th floor and above, I should use the longer wire with 2 USBs that was also in the package.

It seems like the connection will be stable and fast if you were to plug both the USBs into your computer/laptop. I haven't tried it at the 5th floor apartment yet. When I've tried, I'll post to tell how it went!