Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Maxis USB Modem Broadband

Yesterday, I decided to get myself the Maxis USB Modem broadband. High Speed Internet Access.

I’m trying it right now and I’m not completely satisfied with it. At the Maxis centre, the salesgirl explained things and made it seem like I’ll be connected to the Internet without any problems. Even if I were to try to go online on the 20th floor of an apartment, I can still enjoy Internet speeds up to 3.6Mbps.

So I paid RM100 for activation and they gave me a neat box with the USB modem in it. There are a long and short wire or connector and an installation CD for Mac users. She said that I’ll be able to surf the Internet in 6 hours’ time. That time was around 1pm so I figured that I can go online at 7p.m. And I did go online at 7pm.

However, I’m quite upset that web pages opened at a slow rate. I haven’t tried surfing the Net at the apartment yet. Maybe later.

But it’s quite fun going online in my room. I never thought that it’d be possible. Well, the downside is that websites load slowly last night at 8.47 pm. It’s frustrating not being able to open Blogger now. Aiyo….still can’t open!

Anyway, it’s Christmas today! Christmas = presents. Not that I’ll be getting many presents now. =) But I’ll still be getting a few from my sisters! So, it’s not going to be downright miserable.

I’m so happy I can go online anytime, anywhere! I can even send SMSes from my laptop with my new SIM card. Yeah, you have to insert the SIM card into your USB modem. Oh, monthly charges are RM138 a month. They’ll only charge me RM138 next month. And I’m bound to an 18-month contract. It means I can’t ever cancel this USB broadband service for the next 18 months! It means I’ll be paying them around RM2000+++!!! Man, I really hope they improve their service so that the loading will be faster.

Stupid Blogger still not opened yet.

Well, it's opened now. Oh my gosh, don't tell me that I'm going to keep experiencing this slow, slow, slow loading!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

RM138? Is that a 1mbps package or something like that?

Miss Positive said...

It's supposed to be 3.6 Mbps but the connection is slow. Opening webpages is slow. Almost everything is slow! And yeah, all for RM138 a month.