Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back again

Hey there, sorry I haven't been updating my blogs. Know what? I'm too busy to take care of 2 blogs. One is already quite a tough job for me let alone two! What was I thinking? Anyways, I had fun 'maintaining' both my blogs. Now, I'll only keep THIS blog. Oh yeah.

Well, university life is starting again for me. My last semester's results are not that good. For me. I should have studied harder but it's a mystery as to what I actually did last semester! Better pull myself together now. I have 7 subjects/courses this semester. Last semester, I took 6. So now it's an extra one subject and I had better STUDY!!!

The sad thing is I still can't bond with my new friends. They speak Mandarin most of the time and I simply hate being left out in their conversations. Then, perhaps out of pity for me, they'll ask me some weird question or something. Sad, sad, sad. At times, I feel like I'm better off being alone.

But, no worries now. I have decided that I'm going to drown myself in my studies. And I want to join some sports too. Maybe squash? Or table tennis. Everything seems to interesting and I just want to join all but do I have the time? What with all my classes and assignments...I must stop dreaming!

Oh, this is still my first year in uni so I'm not allowed to drive in campus still. I'd better be careful and not get another 'saman'. 20 bucks you know??? Terrible! So, should I drive tomorrow or just hop on the bus just like everybody else? Tomorrow is our first day of school, so do ya think there'll be any pegawai keselamatan waiting to catch people like me? I'll see how. My first class tomorrow is at 9 am.

Please, please...I hope this semester won't be as dreadful as my first one! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


-Princess Shin- said...

Oh.. I hope everything turns out better for you. Local uni is hard because of all the Chinese speaking students! Try mixing with other non-chinese speaking students. I'm sure there are other students like you. Though they are the minority, there will! Don't feel so worried ya, things will get better and by ur second year, you'll look back and laugh!

Good luck ya!

Miss Positive said...

Hi Princess Shin, thanks for your advice and words of encouragement. Take care ya!