Friday, December 28, 2007

How was the Prosperity Burger?

What to eat for dinner today? I thought earlier. Food is quite a problem for me. Now that I'm not staying at home, I have to worry about where to get my food from. No more mom's home-cooked food. No more not having to worry about where to get my next meal.

There are many food shops near my uni but I have to walk there. Car park's a problem so I can't park anywhere near those shops. If I feel hardworking, then only I'll take the trouble to walk all the way to the chinese restaurant where they sell fried rice, economy rice, normal Chinese food that ain't spicy! I can't stand to eat nasi kandar and roti canai everyday! Only once in while, like once a week.

So, I ate at McDonald's today with my friends. I decided to order something which is not my usual McChicken meal with fries and Coke. Today, I ordered the Beef Prosperity Burger meal. The set includes the burger, twister fries or fries twisters, and green tea. The cashier asked me in an overly-concerned, slow kind of way, 'Do you want green tea?' It's as if she didn't like the green tea herself! Anyway, I was in the mood for orange juice so I changed my drink.

Wow, the burger was SPICY with all its black pepper sauce! I've always liked black pepper as in black pepper chicken but this black pepper sauce was utterly...spicy. =) After a few bites, I quickly got hold of my orange juice and drank to cool my mouth down.

All in all, the burger was quite nice. I remember eating it many years ago and liked it, that's why I decided to eat it again. It only comes once a year, before Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, not everyone likes it. Haha! Read this post by Shannelicious.

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