Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is It Worth It Doing Paid Posts?

It’s been a question which many of us bloggers have been asking ourselves ever since blogging for money became a fad some time ago. Does having paid posts on our blogs corrupt the ‘purity’ of blogging? I know that it’s quick and easy money and no wonder many bloggers don’t have the heart to reject an opportunity from certain ‘blogging for money websites’.

Hah! If I were offered $20 to write a 100-word post, I don’t think I could pass it up! $20 is like RM60. Even a job at Kumon only pays RM4 an hour. This is RM60 and I can definitely write the article in less than an hour.

But then, in truth, people don’t enjoy visiting blogs that are full of paid posts. I know I don’t. People visit blogs to read the real stuff, real experiences and not fake opinions on some products that they have never and will never use. Some bloggers even write one paid post after another! I thought the rule was to write a non-paid post after a paid post. Hmm, some people are just too greedy, it seems.

Think about it. Having paid posts in your blog actually drives your readers away. Well, maybe it’ll attract the ones who do paid posts too. Maybe they are there for another reason, which is to spy on how you write! It’s not easy to write about bad credit or mortgages or other serious topics.

So, what do you think? I used to do paid posts for this blog but unfortunately, this blog received no more opportunities! =D Since then, I stopped writing paid posts in this blog. Anyhow, if someone were to offer me $20 to write a 100 words article on some product, I would have to say that I wouldn’t mind at all! See, some things are just too hard to say no to.


Falcon said...

How can anyone say no to 20$

Miss Positive said...

Yeah, pretty difficult, huh? =D

Patricia said...

I think it's worth it as you just make your usual posts and can raise profit from that!;)