Monday, April 14, 2008

The New Pink

Oh wow! I didn't know that pink could look so good...hehe! I've been scouring around the internet for nice-looking, arty templates so that I can use it for this blog. The previous 'Music is Life' blog was nice but I think this built-in template is better and more convenient for me. It doesn't take long to load too.

Yeah, my RSS feed is looking oh-so-fine. Everything is working perfectly, I think. And, I've never been more happier with my blog's layout!

Do you know about Over there, anyone can upload their work and self-designed templates and anyone can download them to use it on their own blogs. I've seen lots of really nice layouts and wish I could use them for my blog. Unfortunately, there's either something wrong somewhere and I don't want to use them. You know, you just want that perfect layout so you'll never complain later! That's what I was looking for.

And now, I've just discovered this pinky layout. I'm not really a pink kind of person, I'm more of blue, but since this pink looks nice, I might as well use and keep it! Hehe! Everything looks neat, nice, and most importantly, in order.

I'm feeling quite guilty now cos I'm not studying. That's what I should be doing now actually! I have a test on Thursday. Truth is, I'm a little bored of studying. I'd rather go online, read blogs, update on my dying blog, and if I can, I just want to read my story books. I have a huge stack just waiting for me. But if I start reading, then I won't be able to stop. And if I can't stop, then I won't be studying for any exam! =(

So...I guess this is the end. For now. Who knows when my next post will be. Maybe next week, or on Wednesday, or tomorrow or even 10 minutes later! Nothing can be predicted when it comes to me. LOL!

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