Monday, April 14, 2008

Horrible, Healthy Housework

Oh what the heck? I'm so in the blogging mood right now and my topic for today will be 'Housework'!

You heard that right? What could there possibly be anything to say about something as mundane as housework? Well, I'll share with you my experience of doing housework and the benefits it could bring.

We all know that if you clean something, it'll be clean right? I'm sure most people like to see clean things. I can't possibly imagine anyone who prefers dirty things like dirt, grease and cobwebs.

Anyway, my point is when you do housework, your house will be clean! If you live in a clean home, it'll be a pleasant and happy home. There will be no disorder, no mess, no tripping over stuff lying about the floor, no disgusted look on guests' faces, etc. Of course, if you knew that guests are coming, you'll quickly do some cleaning here and there, right??? Maybe you'll only clean where you think the guests are more likely to see. Hehe!

Besides having a clean house, you'll get your exercise when you do housework. For example, you'll be exercising your hand and arm muscles when you wash the dishes, scrub the bathroom, sweep and mop the floor, etc. As for leg exercises, well, cleaning the bathroom again, jumping up and down to clear cobwebs on ceilings that are low, bending and squatting when sweeping under your beds and lots more. Housework is absolutely diversified!

Truthfully, I don't fancy doing housework myself. I know that it brings a lot of good but I'm just too lazy sometimes. My mom will tell me to sweep the floor, mop the floor, clean my room, etc. Only when I'm in the mood, then I'll gladly help out with the housework. And guess what? I like to see the results. A cleaner home!

What do you people think? Do you like housework? Hit me with comments!


Falcon said...

i just leave it in a mess until cannot 'tahan'

Miss Positive said...

Wow...I wonder how long you can tahan??! Haha!