Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Movie Review: A Walk to Remember

I guess some people who watched this movie cried during the sad parts. A Walk to Remember is based on a book written by Nicholas Sparks.

Landon Carter (Shane West) and his group of friends were up to no good one night. They caused a new student to hit his head and injure himself. But only Landon was caught and was punished. He had to tutor some kids, do community service, and join the drama club. It’s during drama practice that Landon got to know Jamie (Mandy Moore) better.

Jamie is the reverend’s daughter. She’s prim, proper, and unpopular. Even if she were the last girl on earth, Landon would never think of dating her. By the way, Landon needed help with his lines for the drama they were practicing and he asked Jamie to help him. She agreed to help on one condition, that is, he should not fall in love with her. Landon laughed and said that it wasn’t a problem.

But their friendship lasted only for a while. He embarrassed her in front of his friends and she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. They still went for drama rehearsals but barely spoke with each other. When they passed each other in the school hallway, they don’t look at each other too. But then they’ll still look back to check on each other. =) Without the other person knowing, of course. Hmm…I think it was only Jamie who turned around to check on Landon.

Anyway, the day of the drama came. Jamie looked so stunning that Landon was completely taken aback. He even took the opportunity to kiss her while they were acting. That made one of Landon’s girl friends jealous.

And then after drama day, he kept chasing her, telling her that he had feelings for her and that she shouldn’t deny her feelings for him too. There was a lot of fighting, crying, pushing away, but they became a couple in the end.

What Landon didn’t know was that Jamie had a deep, dark secret. Well, don’t we all? The reason Jamie told Landon not to fall in love with her was because of that secret. She’s not sure if Landon could deal with it.

A Walk to Remember is a sweet, heartrending and tear-jerking movie. it’s not your normal teen flick but you’ll like watching it all the same. Plus, I like the song ‘Someday We’ll Know’ sung by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman.


What A Lulu said...

i cried watching it.
you should check out nicholas spark's movies and books.
i cried reading [yup, reading, not even watchimg] nessage in a bottle. i lent the books to a few of my friends and they cried too.

Miss Positive said...

I read A Walk to Remember and I did cry while reading it! It was sadder than the movie.

Dezmond said...

OMG! I too watched this movie and posted a review about it!! It almost drew tears but my msculinity managed to kick in LoL!

p/s: wanna exchange links miss positive? I've already added u :P

Dezmond said...

the link to my review on A Walk To Remember.


Gosh, I just read the entry... Apparently I did cry! -_-" (guess my masculinity didn't kick me hard enough)

Miss Positive said...

dezmond: Ahem! I'll check out your review and will add you to my links too!

Don't worry, you know the saying, 'It takes a strong man to cry'? There, you're so strong! Haha!